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Balance your conflicting objectives, and your goals and constraints


FICO® Decision Optimizer powered by Xpress

FICO® Decision Optimizer software is part of FICO Optimization Solutions, which comprise our leading prescriptive analytic software and services. FICO Decision Optimizer enables business analysts to develop, assess and improve the decisions that drive customer interactions and business results.

Its support for advanced decision impact modeling, simulation and optimization techniques allows you to discover better decision strategies that balance trade-offs between cost, risk and reward, while also factoring in economic and market conditions.

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Core Benefits

Identify best actions

Manage uncertainty with Robust Optimization

Ensure regulatory compliance

Identify best actions

Decision optimization uses analytic models and historical data to help you find the best ways to use existing business resources to maximize profits, minimize costs, and make better business decisions throughout the organization.

Manage uncertainty with Robust Optimization

FICO® Decision Optimizer is the only tool in the industry that performs Robust Optimization—the ability to build ranges of uncertainty into decision models and optimize strategies to account for them. In today's uncertain economic environment and intensely competitive markets, Robust Optimization provides significant competitive advantage.

Ensure regulatory compliance

FICO® Decision Optimizer plays an important role in meeting regulatory compliance standards by providing methodologies for building powerful, yet interpretable optimization models.

Solution Architecture

FICO® Decision Optimizer

FICO Decision Optimizer is a component of the FICO Decision Management Suite, a cost-effective and easy way for customers to evaluate, customize, deploy and scale state-of-the-art analytics and decision management solutions.


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Key Features

  • Decision Optimizer models incorporate multiple scorecards as well as potential actions and customer reactions, multiple business objectives and resource constraints.
  • Assigns weights to different objectives in order to balance the trade-off between conflicting goals.
  • Helps meet regulatory compliance standards by provides methodologies to understand and interpret optimization models.
  • Builds ranges of uncertainty into decision models and optimizes strategies to account for them.
  • Provides a flexible environment for defining complex economic measures to be included in strategy determination.

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