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FICO® Engagement Analyzer

Drive collector performance and compliance with speech analytics

FICO® Engagement Analyzer is a speech analytics solution offering collection organizations the ability to gain a multi-dimensional view of staff agents collecting debt. By indexing, searching and analyzing content from recorded conversations between agents and debtors, and integrating this audio data with database-driven data from the company’s collections systems, Engagement Analyzer can deliver accurate, detailed performance statistics on every debt collection agent. Now, your organization can monitor all calls to drive compliance, training and best practices.

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Features & Benefits

Dramatically lift agent and departmental performance

Gain unparalleled insight into agent performance based on analysis from 100% of recorded calls, and develop training based on the most successful collectors.

Accelerate “promise to pay” to significantly lift recurring revenue

Focus on the techniques used to request payment, training agents to ensure discussions are successful.

Get ahead of compliance before problems arise

Monitor calls for compliance in real time, and send alerts to collectors and supervisors to correct potential violations and track repeated issues to specific collectors.

All the information you need, at your fingertips

Informative, graphical dashboards help supervisors track interaction data as it happens, for both intervention and training purposes. Analysts can monitor data for root causes, while senior managers track KPIs to ensure adherence to corporate objectives.

The most powerful speech analytics technology available in the cloud

Process recordings faster than any other method, access all your calls, conduct searches, and generate reports in hours, not weeks. Dictionary independent analytics help locate proper names, slang and industry-specific terms without special training.

Greater transparency and response through comprehensive analysis

Empower your legal teams, tracing departments and customer service groups to work faster and smarter. Complaint inquiries that can take days or weeks to extract relevant customer information can be pulled together in 10 minutes.


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