FICO® Enterprise Security Score

Predictive analytics for security risk management


Assessing the cybersecurity risk of business partners and vendors, in addition to your own network, is an integral part of any comprehensive risk management program.  Executive leaders, corporate boards, and breach insurance underwriters need a trusted benchmark to help them gauge cybersecurity risk and communicate performance results in a clear and concise manner. FICO tools and scoring analytics accurately assess the cybersecurity risk of your own organization as well as any organization you want to work with.

Core Benefits





  • Based on FICO’s expertise in cyber threat detection and risk scoring analytics
  • An independent measure of an organization’s security risk exposure
  • Forecasts the likelihood of a future, material data breach


  • Reflects long-term security posture, not a snapshot in time
  • Empirical results based on proven analytical techniques
  • Identifies and prioritizes likely attack vectors


  • A concise, intuitive metric from a trusted source
  • Communicates security risk to the highest levels of your organization
  • Supports security risk management throughout the supply chain

Solution Architecture

FICO Enterprise Security Score

The FICO Enterprise Security Score is available as part of two separate solutions, each supporting the needs of Chief Information Security Officers and Operational Risk executives.

FICO® Enterprise Security Score Portrait
Designed to help CISO’s demonstrate and improve the security posture of their respective organizations. Delivers the actionable information needed to quickly understand risk exposure and proactively strengthen defenses.

  • Helps CISO’s demonstrate security performance over time
  • Delivers detailed threat info across all evaluated network assets
  • Provides drill-down to primary threat vectors
  • Delivers actionable information to proactively strengthen your defenses
  • Supports investment decisions and resource allocation

FICO® Enterprise Security Score Profile
Focused on the needs of operational risk executives responsible for active partner management as well as the needs or cyber insurance underwriters. Allows users to monitor the Enterprise Security Score of third parties without exposing specific details behind the results.

  • Help CROs and CPOs tackle active vendor management
  • Vet the risk of potential partners
  • Monitor the risk of your entire partner portfolio
  • Benchmark across categories or segments of partners
  • Support breach insurance underwriting

Key Features

  • Measure enterprise exposure to future cyber attacks
  • Understand the most likely attack vectors
  • Analyze subsections of your network
  • Receive proactive notification of changes in your vendors’ risk profile Scores, which quantify the likelihood of a significant security breach
  • Multi-dimensional threat profile metrics
  • Ability to adjust network assets to ensure an accurate enterprise view
  • Detailed threat info to inform remedial activity
  • Ability to organize and track risks across a portfolio of relationships
  • Out-of-the-box integration with altering and ticketing systems

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