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FICO® Expansion Score

Profitably serve the large percentage of the under-served US population

The FICO® Expansion Score predicts credit risk for consumers who do not have sufficient credit bureau data to generate a FICO® Scores by bringing together data in real time from alternative credit data sources. It enables you to grow your business profitability in underserved markets while tightly controlling risk exposure.

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Features & Benefits

Instantly identify good credit risks in previously un-scoreable populations

The FICO® Expansion score gives you the ability to score the estimated 25% of the US adult population (about 50 million individuals) that lack enough traditional credit data to generate a FICO® Score

Reduce costs by significantly reducing manual underwriting

You can generate a FICO® Expansion Score for up to 95% of thin-file and 75% of no-hit applicants.

Add precision to borderline decisions

For accounts that currently have a FICO® Score but are close to your score cutoff, the FICO® Expansion Score can provide additional insight into a consumer's future credit behavior, allowing to you to make decisions on borderline accounts with more confidence.

Gain loyal customers

When granted appropriate credit, underserved populations tend to remain customers longer and use more additional products than the general population.

Rank-order consumers by creditworthiness

Three-digit scores are generated in the same score range (300 - 850) as the FICO® Score.

Score consumers’ overall financial behavior

Unbiased forecast of credit risk is based on historical behavior across a variety of financial obligations (sources like purchase payment plans, checking accounts, property, public records, etc.). FICO Expansion Score includes reason codes for customer communication, regulations, and documentation.


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