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FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager

Detect more fraud with lower false positives

The new release of FICO Falcon Fraud Manager 6 is the most accurate and comprehensive solution for detecting payment card fraud, reducing losses by up to 50%. No other system detects as much fraud with as little impact on customers and low operational costs. That’s why 17 of the top 20 credit card issuers worldwide rely on the FICO Falcon system to protect transactions in more than 2.5 billion active accounts. Furthermore with the FICO® Falcon® Platform you can use even more advanced analytics to detect up to 44% more fraud.

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Features & Benefits

Control fraud across the enterprise

With FICO® Falcon® Fraud Platform, you can manage fraud related to multiple products from a single platform, and take a customer-level view of fraud cases, with enterprise case management capabilities. It's built on FICO’s scalable Decision Management architecture, a common service-oriented foundation for connecting decisions across the customer life cycle.

Reduce losses by detecting fraud earlier with fewer false positives

Accurately detect fraud on payment card authorization and electronic payment transactions in a fraction of a second. Identify suspicious account holder,cardholder and, optionally, device behavior patterns, generating a score indicating likelihood of fraud. Stop the first fraudulent transaction in real time or near-real-time before losses mount.

Dramatically reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Falcon Fraud Manager 6 now operates with lower memory requirements and enhanced processing efficiency. Clients also have multiple options for software support, including open source options such as Linux. Furthermore FICO offers the ability to use core functionality (event processing, rules and case management) across multiple lines of business, unbounded by volume restrictions.

Focus your analysts where the risk is greatest

Integrated business rules management and configurable case management let you flexibly set referral thresholds and rules for queues and workflow. Score rankings and reason codes point analysts to the highest risk cases and areas of suspicion, enabling them to disposition referrals faster.

Accelerate detection of shifting fraud patterns

FICO Falcon Fraud Platform introduces adaptive analytics with models that learn in real time from your case dispositions. They deliver up to a 10% lift in detection, built on FICO Falcon’s powerful consortium-based models, which protect you from schemes experienced by other issuers that haven't yet hit your portfolios.

Stop “flash frauds” on the spot

When a concentrated attack is underway or a new threat emerges suddenly, you are able to quickly modify authorization or case generation rules to complement FICO Falcon models for increased protection.

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