FICO® Falcon Platform

Reduce fraud losses and optimize the customer experience


FICO® Falcon Platform

The FICO® Falcon® Platform is the industry’s leading fraud management solution. It leverages FICO’s proven leadership in predictive analytics to deliver real-time, end-to-end fraud, security and compliance management. With the platform, institutions can cost-effectively reduce fraud losses, protect brand reputation, gain efficiencies and improve the customer experience across multiple products, channels and lifecycle stages.

The Falcon® Platform features an open, extensible architecture, helping institutions to maximize the value of their fraud prevention investments.

Core Benefits

Reduce fraud losses by up to 50%

Mitigate reputational risk

Optimize the customer experience

Reduce fraud losses by up to 50%

FICO’s advanced predictive and adaptive analytics can deliver 50% reduction in fraud losses. 

Mitigate reputational risk

By reducing the risk of fraudulent activity occurring, financial organizations also establish strong defenses to guard their reputation and brand.

Optimize the customer experience

By detecting more fraud with lower false positives, good customers are minimally impacted. Institutions can communicate fraud protection activity in real-time via a preferred channel.

Solution Architecture

FICO® Falcon Platform

The FICO® Falcon® Platform provides event processing, monitoring, rules management and case management services for monetary and non-monetary transactions. These include payments such as payment card authorizations, posting, ACH, wire, person to person, deposit, online payments and bill pay and mobile banking activity. 

The Falcon® Platform’s core capabilities can be used in conjunction with one or more Platform Modules for payment products such as Credit, E-Payments, Online Banking, Debit, Mobile Payments, Pre-Paid and more and can monitor data across the channels and products to provide customer-level decisioning. 


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Key Features

  • Self-learning, adaptive models improve sensitivity to emergent fraud patterns. These advanced analytics don’t rely on historical data, and adapt in production as new fraud patterns surface.
  • Collaborative Profiles examine big data to extract behavior patterns across millions of transactions, to continuously update “collaborative profiles” for individual customers.


  • Behavior Sorted Lists use sophisticated algorithms to further distinguish normal activity from suspicious transactions, reducing false positives.
  • Consortium Data Models are unique to the Falcon Platform, the FICO data consortium incorporates data from billions of transactions, across thousands of issuers, leveraging powerful knowledge about fraud patterns to improve fraud detection.
  • FICO® Identity Resolution Engine (IRE) uses Social Network Analysis, bridging organizational and geographical siloes to connect identities and improve risk analysis.
  • FICO® Application Fraud Manager helps financial organizations to prevent fraud in new account originations, stop first- and third-party fraud and bust fraud rings.

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