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FICO® Fraud Resolution Manager

Enhanced fraud detection and customer engagement

FICO® Fraud Resolution Manager provides fraud managers with high-volume automated processing of cases leveraging intelligent data assessment, advanced decision management and customer intervention. It gives organizations the scalability to process high volumes of cases simultaneously, performing investigations, shaping customer action and contact strategies, and reaching resolution in seconds. It seamlessly connects risk analysis and contact strategy development, deciding the necessity, timing, channel and nature of action required to find more fraud, reduce losses and foster customer loyalty.

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Features & Benefits

Resolve fraud cases in seconds

Sophisticated data management and analysis is applied to a range of communication options, reducing the time required for fraud resolution from hours or days to just seconds.

Improve customer experience

Quickly utilize a range of channels—mobile app, voice, SMS and email—to ensure contact with the consumer and avoid potential distress from declined transactions or fraud loss.

Quickly adapt the solution to your needs

The modular design allows rapid integration with the analytics, rules management applications and decision engines—such as FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager—so you can experience fast start-up times and enjoy the operational benefits of a tested solution.

Automate real-time investigation, contact and resolution

In a completely automated process, data is evaluated to determine fraud risk, as well as to develop strategies for contact, action and resolution.

Process vast numbers of cases simultaneously

Pre-determined treatment strategies automate case management, giving analysts more time to spend on the most demanding and important transactions.

Deploy as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

The solution’s SaaS deployment enables fraud organizations to be up and running in weeks, with low capital investment and little  IT support.

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