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FICO® Identity Resolution Engine

Uncover who's who, and who knows whom

As organized financial crime spreads into more industries, FICO Identity Resolution Engine adds a critical dimension to evaluating fraud and other financial crimes by resolving the true identities of participants—“who’s who”—and by uncovering suspicious relationships between individuals—“who knows whom across the enterprise and third-party data.” It searches a variety of personal attributes (name, address, phone number, account number, etc.) across widespread data sources to resolve individuals’ identities and reveal criminal rings.

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Features & Benefits

Pursue perpetrators with powerful analytic technologies

FICO Identity Resolution Engine includes federated data search capabilities, identity resolution algorithms, predictive analytics, link analysis technology and visualization tools.

Streamline internal and third-party data searches

FICO Identity Resolution Engine enables organizations to search internal or external third-party data sources without the need to build a data warehouse, migrate data to a common repository or cleanse and normalize data.

Address compliance wherever you do business

The data access design complies with data privacy regulations in any geography.

Superior matching accuracy

Support from 50+ similarity search algorithms quickly determines that an individual is using multiple versions of personal attribute information and provides superior matching accuracy.

Uncover non-obvious relationships

Advanced link analysis technology helps expose non-obvious relationships between suspicious individuals.

Accelerate fraud resolution with visualization

FICO Identity Resolution Engine gives businesses: real-time iconographic displays of identity matches and links depicting the degree of separation between individuals; business rules to support decision making; red flag alerts of suspicious activity; and alert-based exception reporting.

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