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FICO® LiquidCredit® Service

Fast, precise risk assessment, so you can extend credit with confidence

FICO LiquidCredit service is a web-based instant credit decisioning solution that helps lenders of any size grow their business while managing risk. Pooled models enable your organization to gain the power of proven analytics for a fraction of the cost of custom modeling. Consistent model rebuilds ensure you have the most up to date analytics available in your risk mitigation strategy.With robust analytic and decisioning capabilities, LiquidCredit service gives you risk assessment precisely and quickly, so you can make confident credit decisions.

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Features & Benefits

Make objective, consistent decisions

Liquid Credit service ensures consistent decisions across channels and lines of business through the use of FICO® Small Business Scoring Solution models and FICO® Application Risk Models. You can demonstrate this consistency to regulators and address other legal requirements, using the solution's score reason codes to assist in manual underwriting.

Accurately price each credit offer and approve more loans

Advanced analytics and decisioning capabilities allow you to determine the proper credit offer and approve more loans without adversely affecting portfolio risk.

Improve efficiency and reduce costs

Automation allows for more efficient use of resources, reduced reliance on manual reviews and the ability to focus on "gray area" applications that need more underwriting attention.

Implement quickly in a secure ASP environment

Begin application processing within several weeks, with little upfront investment or ongoing operating costs. All you need to access the solution is a web browser, leaving the hassles of security and maintenance to FICO.

Control access to data of your choice

Client-configured rules pull data from major consumer and commercial data sources to reflect your institution's lending policies.

Define policy rules and more

Create policy rules that automatically approve, decline or flag an application for review. You can also configure selected field values (e.g., reasons for decline, product codes or override codes) and assign user authorization levels.

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