FICO® Medication Adherence Score

Helping health care providers and pharma companies ensure prescription compliance


FICO® Medication Adherence Score

The FICO® Medication Adherence Score helps health care organizations improve the effectiveness of their care, case and utilization management programs, and helps pharmaceutical manufacturers strengthen their programs for education and outreach. By identifying each patient’s propensity toward medication adherence over the next 12 months, this fully HIPAA-compliant solution helps direct activities to patients at highest risk of noncompliance, improving program efficiency and maximizing results.

Core Benefits

Effectively identify medication non-compliance

Take a proactive approach to compliance management

Improve program planning and targeting

Effectively identify medication non-compliance

Using the same world-class predictive analytics used to create the FICO® Score and leveraging multiple, rich third-party data sources, the FICO® Medication Adherence Score can predict each patient’s adherence over the next year.

Take a proactive approach to compliance management

While other methodologies identify lapses in patient medication adherence only after the fact, the FICO® Medication Adherence Score is a predictive model that allows you to identify and proactively address adherence problems before they occur.

Improve program planning and targeting

Gauge the right level of action across the patient base to optimize care, case and utilization programs—setting a universal baseline assessment on which survey results or other information can be overlaid when available.

Solution Architecture

The FICO® Medication Adherence Score

The FICO® Medication Adherence Score will use a patient’s prescription claims history when available and pull on other publicly available third-party data sources when no other information is present. With an individual’s name and address, an entire patient population can be scored, including new members and those new to therapy. With no new data sources to maintain or models to implement, end users require minimal IT support. FICO hosts the solution at its secure service bureau, scoring and returning all submitted files.

Key Features

  • Identifies potential adherence problems before they occur so that they may be proactively addressed.
  • Does not use any personal credit information to compute scores and is fully HIPPA-compliant.
  • Easy access and implementation through FICO-hosted solution.

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