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FICO® Merchant Monitoring Solution

Leverage a complete approach to gauging merchants' potential for losses

FICO gives merchant acquirers the industry’s most comprehensive approach for monitoring and identifying merchants’ capacity for generating losses. The FICO Merchant Monitoring Solution makes it easy for merchant acquirers to gain an ongoing, deep understanding of the full spectrum of merchant risk—fraud, card association non-compliance, bankruptcy, attrition—and to detect and track suspicious transactions. FICO brings greater insight and efficiencies to merchant acquirers’ monitoring and management of merchant risk with components that include business rules management, a case management system and available professional services.

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Features & Benefits

Clearly identify merchant risk

Gain the ability to deeply understand merchants’ levels of risk over time with aggregated information, and detect suspicious transactions.

Detect and track multiple risk types

Leverage data and rules processing capabilities to support expansive development of summarized information on transactions and merchants, and trigger a broad spectrum of risk alerts.

Streamline investigations

Efficiently and effectively track suspicious transactions and merchants with a reliable case management system.

Build profiles and alerts

Advanced, business-user friendly rules management enables building of profiles and alerts.

Streamline and customize operations

The solution’s case management system streamlines workflows and supports optional configurations of cases.

Add FICO expertise

FICO Professional Services experts bring you years of experience in merchant acquiring projects.


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