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FICO® Model Central™ Solution

Transforming analytics for better business results

FICO Model Central Solution is a tiered, scalable platform designed to help firms more effectively and efficiently maximize the performance of their analytic models—across the entire model lifecycle. Supporting FICO, SAS and PMML models, through automation and shared access to services, Model Central bridges otherwise disconnected workflows and operations for a centralized, consolidated approach to model management—from development all the way through to model refreshment and establishing decision strategies. Model Central Solution’s standardized, automated approach enables more precise development, the flexibility to consume qualified models built with other tools, faster time-to-market and improved resource utilization.

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FICO® Model Central solution

Features & Benefits

Increase profits and reduce risk

FICO Model Central increases profitability by providing model governance to comply with strict regulations, rapid deployment to ensure superior predictions and model monitoring.

Reduce costs

Speed models into production by as much as 80%, producing more accurate business decisions sooner, in weeks instead of months.

Operate in highly regulated markets

FICO Model Central Solution automates compliance and validation reporting and produces accurate audit trails to address Basel II/III, OCC, or other regulatory requirement

Foundation Tier

The Foundation Tier provides core capabilities around validation, monitoring, management reporting, alerting and administration. It is particularly suited to firms looking to make improvements to existing models, and facilitate regulatory and internal compliance.

Professional Development Tier

The Professional Development Tier includes all Foundation functionality, plus options to improve model development precision, speed model deployment, consume qualified models written in other modeling languages, achieve greater transparency of model content, and leverage extensive reporting capabilities.

Advanced Decisioning Tier

The Advanced Decisioning Tier is a complete management, development, testing/learning and optimization solution that helps drive model performance and mitigate risk. In addition to all services provided in the other tiers, it provides optimization capabilities and enables simulation to explore business impact of candidate changes prior to deployment.

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