FICO® Network

The conduit for more powerful collection and recovery.


The FICO® Network is the fast, direct connection to resources that professionals managing debt need to save time, money and effort. The network provides a single point of connectivity to service providers to streamline business processes and automate transactions between creditors, collection agencies and attorneys – plus access to account information from more than 90 databases and data consolidators.

Core Benefits

Succeed at light speed.

Connect and collect.

Work with the best.

Succeed at light speed.

Using the FICO® Network, managers securely communicate directly with vendors, track and report their performance, automate the ordering of services, and see results both on the desktop and in a workflow application. Error-prone and time-consuming data entry, mailing, faxing and calling become past history.  

Connect and collect.

FICO® Network connects collectors to more than 90 databases and data consolidators for fast and efficient ordering and delivery of a very wide range of data on consumer and business accounts, including consumer and business credit, consumer and business demographics, fraud, public record, geographic, asset, product and utility information. 

Work with the best.

Provides access to FICO‘s powerful analytics, scoring, strategy and customer management solutions. You'll also find tight integration with the FICO® Debt Manager™ solution and FICO® PlacementsPlus® service for seamless, efficient collections management. 

Solution Architecture

FICO Network

FICO gives you access to hundreds of data and service partners with one secure connection to the Cloud. Isn't it time to learn more?

Key Features

  • Provides a single point of connectivity to service providers, streamlining business processes
  • Automates transactions between creditors, collection agencies and attorneys 
  • Logs all activity for security and compliance
  • Facilitates management of outsourced accounts with the FICO® PlacementPlus™ Service 
  • Accesses seamless, efficient collections management through tight integration with FICO® Debt Manager™ 

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