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FICO® Network

Connecting businesses to the most solid, comprehensive decision support

The FICO® Network provides you with on-demand, single-point access to the core components of smarter decision making: FICO solution platforms, more and better data, technology to make data actionable, and partners essential to your business. The network serves a high volume of clients, accessing data from 90 commercial databases and data aggregators, and linking to over 1300 service providers.

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Features & Benefits

Securely access business-critical data

The FICO Network provides real-time access to a wealth of traditional and non-traditional data. Select data from across 90 competing commercial databases and data aggregators, including consumer and business credit, consumer and business demographic, fraud, public record, geographic, asset, product and utility information.

Connect with FICO Decision Management solutions

The FICO® Network gives you a secure, single point of connection to FICO's industry-leading solutions, including the FICO® PlacementsPlus® service for comprehensive account placement and management, and the FICO® Blaze Advisor® business rules management system for maximizing control over high volume operational decisions.

Communicate efficiently with business partners

FICO provides secure and managed access between creditors and third-party business partners. By connecting to the FICO network, clients gaim the ability to improve cost control, resource management, process efficiencies and relationship management.

Streamlines security and regulatory compliance

The FICO Network's distributed workflow capabilities log all data accessed and activity with third parties, allowing clients to track interactions for reporting, analysis or auditing purposes. Built-in capabilities ensure data is used in a permissible fashion.

Get a single, secure interface

FICO Network functionality eliminates the ongoing costs of building new interfaces and maintaining current interfaces and data communication lines. Clients avoid a drawn-out implementation process.

Automatically invokes and manages credit transactions

The FICO Network reduces the need for the time-consuming, costly and error-prone methods traditionally employed to exchange information between partners, including mail, shipping, phone and fax.


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