FICO® Origination Manager Essentials—Small Business

Make faster, smarter small business lending decisions at a lower cost


Given competitive and margin pressures, it doesn’t make sense to use the same origination process for a small business loan of $50,000 as one for $5 million. Increase approval rates and portfolio profitability by expediting decisions for applications while keeping risk in check. FICO® Origination Manager Essentials–Small Business is an easy-to-use, analytically powered loan origination system that identifies measurable credit risk over the life of a new account while directing qualifying applications onto faster paths. Your small business lending experts use simple web-based tools to set the rules for who qualifies and what steps applications go through. It’s also easy to get started with Origination Manager Essentials through our suggested 3 step process.

Getting Started with Origination Manager Essentials The 3 Phase Process

Core Benefits

Value-aligned origination cost

Scalable smart decisions

Easier regulatory compliance

Value-aligned origination cost

Spend less time and money originating loans with smaller ROI potential. Origination Manager Essentials includes free access to the market-leading FICO® Small Business Scoring Service℠ (SBSS℠). Based on the application’s score and your score cut-off and policy rules, you can tell the system to skip or shorten some processing steps. You can also control when consumer and business bureau reports get pulled, saving unnecessary credit report expense.

Scalable smart decisions

Grow your portfolio by increasing application processing volume while continuing to make careful, astute decisions. Origination Manager Essentials scales decision-making capacity by processing applications based on rules reflecting industry best practices, FICO’s extensive experience with small business lenders and your organization’s expertise. It’s as if every application were being seen to by one of your top loan experts. They can then focus on applications needing additional attention and initiating and nurturing small business relationships. 

Easier regulatory compliance

Rules-based processing improves decision consistency across channels, reducing opportunities for human subjectivity and error. Origination Manager Essentials ensures decisions are being made according to your policies—and makes it easy for you to prove it. The system provides a complete audit trail, capturing all information considered, rules activated and human interventions at each step. It puts everything you need to answer questions and prepare reports right at hand.

Solution Architecture

Origination Manager Essentials

Application Processing “Out of the Box” to Propel Small Business Growth

Origination Manager Essentials has been developed to provide an end-to-end application processing solution for small business loans in order to get mid-market lenders started with automated decisioning quickly. Rather than being a customizable origination domain solution, this product removes the entry barrier of installing software in-house or in a hosted environment. 

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