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FICO® Origination Manager

Drive profitable growth in a challenging market

Today, the battle for good customers is more complex than ever. Whether you’re launching a new credit, insurance or other product–or trying to sharpen and streamline your application processes–chances are, you’re challenged to navigate IT queues, customer contact preferences, changing economic conditions, regulations and Big Data, including social media. FICO® Origination Manager is built on proven advanced analytics to help businesses across industries make more precise, value-based decisions at the origination stage, empowering them to grow more profitable portfolios while managing customer-level risk.

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Features & Benefits

Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness

Experience a 50%-100% increase in application volume capacity and a 25%-50% reduction in manual reviews. Achieve improved credit analyst productivity, plus increased approval rates, up-selling and cross-selling.

Reduce delinquencies and losses

See a 15%-25% reduction in delinquencies and bad debt and reduced application fraud exposure.

Increase customer satisfaction and responsiveness

Reduced processing times and automated status updates help you win good applicants. Gain improved speed and precision through timely information requests via customer-preferred channels.

Reduce costs

Implement new credit programs faster—in days, versus quarters. Reduce infrastructure investment and maintenance costs, employing one solution for multiple lines of business.

Drive compliance and security

Improved consistency of policy and procedure.

Expand to mobile and the cloud

FICO Origination Manager can be extended with flexible, cloud-based decisioning and mobile deployment options that align with your business goals to energize customer service and reduce risk.

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