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FICO® PlacementsPlus® Service

Increase recoveries through analytically-driven account placements

FICO® PlacementsPlus® service is the most comprehensive account placement and management system in the industry. This unique service streamlines the placement and management of contingency accounts within a single user interface. Maintain control over the distribution and management of accounts to agencies, attorneys, debt buyers and internal recovery departments.

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Features & Benefits

Minimize charge-offs and increase recoveries

FICO® PlacementsPlus® service combines analytic modeling capabilities with workflow management software, operational expertise and the industry-leading communications network to bring you solutions that improve profitability.

Increase your visibility into third party operations

The FICO® PlacementsPlus® service includes a set of performance reports that gives you an unprecedented view into the activities of the agencies working your accounts. These include batch-track reporting on both summary and comparative levels, as well as reports for agency collection activity, inventory, key benchmarks and financials.

Maximize the value of your debt sales

Placements Plus service gives you the means to initiate, execute, monitor and report your debt sales. This functionality provides additional visibility and control over the debt sale process which will help ensure you're able to maximize the value you receive from the sale of your portfolios.

Manage recovery from the customer level

FICO® PlacementsPlus® service allows you to manage the collection of multiple contingency accounts for a single customer, ensuring that the agency working a particular account has full visibility into the indebtedness of the customer.

Match agencies to accounts

Access sophisticated analytics available in the Placement Optimizer™ service to determine which agencies are best suited to work which accounts. These can be the traditional third-party agencies, in-house liquidation agencies or even debt buyers when analytics indicate and the owner determines the best return will come from transferring asset ownership.

Seamlessly connect with agencies through FICO® Network

FICO® PlacementsPlus® service provides a single interface with agencies through the FICO® Network for the placement, management, reporting and exception processing of receivables. Credit grantors can monitor agency performance and compliance to service level agreements, and rapidly replace a non-performing agency.


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