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FICO® Retail Fraud Manager

FICO® Retail Fraud Manager helps retailers quickly and cost-effectively combat today’s in-store and online returns fraud problem with a combination of technology that has proven its value across several industries, and over many years.

Fraud and abuse in returned items costs the retail industry $15.2 billion per year in the U.S. alone. In addition to financial loss, that presents another problem.How can retailers determine which returns involve fraud or abuse without falsely identifying legitimate returns, and without impeding the transaction and annoying customers?
Now retailers can turn to FICO Retail Fraud Manager to detect fraudulent returns in real time using FICO’s powerful analytic models and rules management technology, and to help investigators efficiently manage cases.

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Features & Benefits

Detect fraud with proven technology

Designed to detect a wide variety of fraud and abuse schemes, based on analysis of vast amounts of industry-wide retail purchase and returns data and the same technology used by 65% of the world’s payment cards.

Leverage advanced rules management and case management

Award-winning FICO® Blaze Advisor® business rules management system puts rules management into the hands of business users without IT reliance, while case management software helps retailers prioritize cases and tasks, easily assign work, and generate departmental management reporting.

Reduce fraud losses

Helps you stop future potential fraud by uncovering information on members of fraud rings, gain a reputation among criminals for having strong defense and deter fraudsters from attempting future attacks.

Maintain Service Excellence

FICO Retail Fraud Manager helps Retailers protect their most valuable customers and maintain high service excellence via fast analysis of returns and with minimal false-positive identifications.

Identify Criminal Rings

FICO Retail Fraud Manager and FICO Identity Resolution Engine helps Retailers identify suspicious connections and criminal rings with Social Link Analysis.

Improve Efficiency

FICO Retail Fraud Manager improves a Retailers efficiency by catching more fraud without increasing investigator resources via integrated rules management and case management support.


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