FICO® Score Open Access

Opening the door to better customer relationships

Deepen customer relationships through credit education and transparency by sharing with your customers the actual FICO® Scores you use in your account risk management decisions, along with valuable consumer empowerment tools.


If your organization strives to build loyalty, trust and growth through greater credit score transparency, FICO® Score Open Access can help you strengthen customer relationships and increase profitability. FICO® Score Open Access empowers you to share FICO® Scores you already use for account risk management decisions with your customers – with no additional score fees charged by FICO.  Through FICO® Score Open Access, you provide your customers with their FICO® Scores, empowerment tools, and credit education through multiple channels and at varying frequencies.

Core Benefits

Strengthen reputation and brand

Create goodwill and customer empowerment

Boost profits and increase share of wallet

Strengthen reputation and brand

Increase transparency by providing your customers with free access to the actual FICO® Scores you use to help make decisions. Strengthen customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing millions of dollars of value to your customers.

Create goodwill and customer empowerment

Provide your customers with their FICO® Scores, the two most influential score factors that impacted their score with explanations, a 12-month historical FICO® Score trend, and trusted FICO consumer credit educational content. Empower your customers to better understand their overall financial health. 

Boost profits and increase share of wallet

Realize higher response rates, greater customer engagement and satisfaction, lower attrition, broader use of lower cost channels, and reduced credit losses through more responsible credit behavior.

Solution Architecture

FICO® Score Open Access

With FICO® Score Open Access, FICO extends the license on FICO® Scores you already purchase for account risk management decisions, enabling you to display those scores to your end customers. Using those scores, which are already resident in your customer database, you create your customer experience through your paper statements, online banking and/or mobile channel. To support your channel displays, FICO provides a digital asset package for the key branding elements, including the FICO® Score logo lockup and FICO® Score Meter. You incorporate FICO-written educational content, "Understanding FICO® Scores" and "Frequently Asked Questions about FICO® Scores", into your website for customer self-service. Leveraging dedicated FICO Implementation Consultants and a Planning Guide, you’ll quickly be on your way to opening the door to better customer relationships.

Key Features

  • Disclose to your customers the FICO® Scores you purchase to make your account risk management decisions - with no additional score fees charged by FICO.
  • Design your own customer experience using FICO's branding guidelines, choosing delivery frequency and channels
  • Disclose two key factors which most impacted a customer's FICO® Score.
  • Optionally include a 12-month historical FICO® Score trend and the FICO® Score Meter, indicating the strength of a customer's FICO® Score.
  • Provide comprehensive FICO consumer credit education content and frequently asked questions.
  •  Leverage a dedicated FICO Implementation Consultant and FICO’s Implementation Planning Guide for best practices and successful implementation.
  • Train your customer service and other frontline staff through the FICO® Score eLearning course.

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Obama Praises FICO® Score Open Access

President Obama signed an Executive Order that intends to improve the security of consumer financial transactions. In related remarks, he recognized the importance of consumers checking their FICO® Scores regularly. Not only can doing so help consumers manage their financial health, it can help people protect themselves from financial crime. The President explained that "a sudden drop in your credit rating is one of the clearest signs that you’ve been hit by fraud."

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