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FICO® Score Open Access

Opening the Door to Better Customer Relationships

If your organization strives to build loyalty, trust and growth, through greater customer transparency, FICO® Score Open Access can help you strengthen customer relationships and increase profitability. FICO® Score Open Access empowers you to share previously purchased FICO® Scores with your customers – with no additional score fees charged by FICO. FICO® Score Open Access enables you to share the FICO® Score you use to help make risk management decisions. According to CEB TowerGroup, the FICO® Score makes up 90 percent of the credit scores purchased by lenders.

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Features & Benefits

Strengthen reputation and brand

Increase transparency and access to the actual FICO® Score you use to help make decisions. Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing millions of dollars of value for free.

Create goodwill and customer empowerment

Provides two score factors, actionable explanations, a 12-month FICO® Score trend and FICO consumer credit education content.

Boost profits and increase share of wallet

Greater customer engagement and cross-sell opportunities. Lower credit losses by increasing customer awareness of responsible credit behavior. Reduce costs through greater use of lower cost channels.

Program Availability

The FICO® Score Open Access program is available to qualified financial services providers in the U.S. that use FICO® Scores to manage consumer credit. Please contact us for details on program availability and additional information.


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