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FICO® Small Business Scoring ServiceSM Solution

Significantly broaden the scope of applications you underwrite, and cut losses with even greater risk prediction

FICO® Small Business Scoring ServiceSM(SBSSSM) is recognized as the industry leader in assessing the risk of US small business credit applicants. It brings the speed of consumer lending to your commercial lending decisions. With SBSS, you can make decisions in hours, not days, improving customer satisfaction and helping you attract more small businesses.This service helps you say “yes” to the right applicants faster, and build a healthy portfolio of commercial accounts.

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Features & Benefits

Build a more profitable small business credit portfolio

The decisions you make with Small Business Scoring Service will help you balance portfolio growth with risk exposure. By knowing applicants' risk, you can make smarter pricing and other decisions.

Target your decisions to specific markets

SBSSincorporates different models for different market segments, including leasing, agriculture and start-up businesses. This improves your risk assessment for specific lending programs.

Address a range of market segments

Achieve precise risk assessment for a variety of market segments with over 100 combinations of consumer and business models and alternative model suites. Each application is automatically routed to the right model and a score is returned.

Base scoring on analysis of rich pooled data

SBSS is based on a partnership with FICO clients, who contribute data used to build ever more powerful models. As clients have used these models and increased their portfolio sizes, they've acquired and shared new, richer data with FICO.

Score larger transactions sizes

SBSS models are validated for term loan, line of credit transactions, and commercial card obligations up to $1 million.

Assess bankruptcy risk

The latest release of SBSS features new bankruptcy scores that can help credit grantors better assess the risk of bankruptcy when making small business lending decisions.


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