Transaction Monitoring Based on Advanced Analytics


Proven Anti-Money Laundering solution

Siron® AML is an advanced analytics solution to detect money laundering. It monitors customers, accounts and transactions with pinpoint accuracy for suspicious activity. Comprehensive investigation, visualization and case management functionalities allow to fully analyze alerts and support the decision process from invalidating a suspicion to electronic filing of suspicious activity reports (SAR) to the authorities. This proven end-to-end transaction monitoring solution helps AML officers to easily keep up with new threats and comply with ever-growing regulatory requirements in a cost-effective way.

Core Benefits

Quick deployment

Adaptable to regulatory changes

AML powered by machine learning

Quick deployment

Siron® standard research products are preconfigured for local requirements and include AML best practices gleaned from 1200+ customers around the world. This accelerates time-to-value and guarantees short implementation periods.

Adaptable to regulatory changes

Designed as a business solution that can be fully operated and maintained by the anti-money laundering department, allowing the user to configure any detection scenario via UI without any programming or IT-knowledge.

AML powered by machine learning

Reduces false positives while identifying new money laundering instances with the help of advanced analytics powered by data-driven machine learning algorithms and patented artificial intelligence IP.

Solution Architecture

Efficient Anti-Money Laundering compliance

By recording individual and group behavior over time, Siron® AML creates dynamic profiles and statistics based on customer, account and transaction data. The transaction monitoring system immediately detects changes in customer behavior and deviations from peer group behavior. Also, the system continuously classifies customers according to the risks they pose. This dynamic profiling is the basis for the automated application of appropriate customer due diligence according to the risk based approach recommended by international regulations.


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Key Features

  • Predefined business rules to comply with the minimal statutory anti-money laundering requirements
  • Graphical rule editor to adjust the risk-based anti-money laundering strategy
  • Due diligence functionality through custom thresholds for risk categories
  • Intuitive alert processing and case management
  • Workflow for suspicious activity reporting (SAR) in country-specific formats
  • Link analysis to visualize payment flows and money-laundering networks
  • Collaborative profiling, behavior-sorted lists and self-calibrating outlier detection algorithms to understand customer behavior shifts in real time

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