A lifecycle solution to identify, verify and know your customer


Comprehensive Know Your Customer solution

Siron® KYC is an end-to-end solution for managing KYC compliance throughout the customer relationship life cycle. It supports the risk classification process of new and existing customers, including audit-proof documentation. Siron® KYC utilizes third-party databases with ready-to-use interfaces to match customer information with sanction and watch lists, and to automatically identify beneficial owners and politically exposed persons (PEPs).

Core Benefits

Faster customer on-boarding and superior data

Quickly addresses regulation changes

Access to the latest customer risks

Faster customer on-boarding and superior data

Reduces the time of performing customer due diligence during on-boarding through real-time KYC checks and customer data improvements.

Quickly addresses regulation changes

Build-up institute-specific KYC questionnaires with an user-friendly interface and classify customer risk through easily adaptable rules and configuration capabilities.

Access to the latest customer risks

Automates customer risk reclassification by auto-checking for PEP and sanctions, and continuously monitoring KYC information against real customer behavior.

Solution Architecture

Integrated Know Your Customer questionnaires

Siron® KYC supports enterprises through the critical onboarding process by identifying who is their customer and what is the customer’s level of money-laundering or terrorists financing risk. Easily adaptable Know Your Customer questionnaires are customized with necessary statutory requirements and industry standards to automatically determine the risk rating of potential customers.


It's not just who we work with, it's how well we work together.

Key Features

  • Flexible integration for existing customers onboarding processes
  • Compliance with statutory customer due diligence for risk-based customer acceptance
  • Designed to create and maintain dynamic Know Your Customer questionnaires
  • Matches customer information with sanction and watch lists to identify criminals, and with PEP databases in order to comply with enhanced customer due diligence for PEPs
  • Automatically retrieves beneficial ownership
  • Real-time risk classification through default and customizable rules 
  • Interfaces with research systems (e.g. Siron® AML) to detect deviations from the initial "intentional" description and the actual behavior of the customer
  • Standardizes data from the core banking system to verify existing customers
  • Integrated with FICO® Origination Manager to ensure regulatory compliance at the point of origination

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Ecobank thinks global and acts local with a unique implementation of Siron®


Established in 1985 and with headquarters in Lomé, Togo, the dual objective of Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI) is to build a world-class pan-African bank and to contribute to the economic and financial integration and development of the African continent. In the early 1980s the banking industry in West Africa was dominated by foreign and state-owned banks. There were hardly any commercial banks owned and managed by the African private sector. ETI was founded with the objective of filling this vacuum. With assets of $22.5 billion at the close of financial year 2013, Ecobank is now represented in 40 countries worldwide, including 36 African nations. With nearly 20,000 employees it is the largest employer in the financial sector in Middle Africa.