Automating Business Partner Due Diligence


Siron® KYC is an end-to-end solution for managing business partner compliance throughout the whole partner relationship lifecycle. It supports the risk classification process of new and existing partners, including audit-proof documentation. To this end, Siron® KYC uses third-party databases with ready-to-use interfaces to match partner information with sanction and watch lists, and to automatically identify beneficial owners and politically exposed persons (PEPs).


Core Benefits

Faster on-boarding and better data quality

Quickly address changing regulations

Stay compliant and safeguard the enterprise

Faster on-boarding and better data quality

Reduces the time of performing due diligence to on-board partners and improve the integrity of partner data.

Quickly address changing regulations

Build-up business partner questionnaires with user-friendly functionalities and classify partner risk through adaptable rules and configuration capabilities.

Stay compliant and safeguard the enterprise

Ensures to stay fully compliant against the background of tightening legislation and ever-increasing fines.

Solution Architecture

Siron®KYC for BPDD

Siron® KYC supports enterprises through the critical onboarding process of understanding who their business partners are by providing insight and a best practice approach pertaining to the level of risk that a business partner has. Easily adaptable questionnaires are customized with necessary statutory requirements and industry standards to automatically determine the risk rating of potential business partners.


It's not just who we work with, it's how well we work together.

Key Features

  • Automatic verification of the suppliers' beneficial owners
  • Continual matching of partner information with sanction lists, PEP databases, bad press, internal blacklists, etc.
  • Real-time risk classification of business partners
  • Customizable risk features through business rules
  • Out-of-the-box questionnaires that cover various legislations (UK Bribery Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and many more)
  • Questionnaire designed to model individual checks and approval procedures for business partners
  • Standardized interface with CRM systems to check existing partners

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