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Siron® RAS helps compliance officers to create, continuously monitor and update an institution-specific risk analysis to adopt the mandated risk based approach. It comes with an extensive data base with predefined risk factors and potential prevention measures based on the most-up-to-date industry knowledge. By offering workflow for decentral and interdisciplinary approaches, the product ensures that all risks pertaining to money laundering, terrorism financing and other criminal acts can be identified and assessed to derive and track mitigating strategies in an audit-proof, closed loop system.

Core Benefits

Risk assessment framework endorsed by regulators and auditors

Industry leading practices

Methodical and advanced risk mitigation

Risk assessment framework endorsed by regulators and auditors

Risk analysis and research constitute a closed, audit-proof system loop ensuring the required traceability of the links between risks, preventive measures and research results.

Industry leading practices

Proven methodology for risk assessment across business units regardless of size, structure or complexity, including a comprehensive database with predefined risks and potential prevention measures based upon the latest industry knowledge.

Methodical and advanced risk mitigation

KPIs from integrated research systems not only continuously enrich the risk analysis but allow for efficient controlling of preventive measures and optimization of business rules and mitigation strategies.

Solution Architecture

Siron® RAS

Siron® RAS allows enterprises of any structure and size to utilize risk modeling. The systematic inventory of the internal organization, customer and product structure helps organizations achieve full risk transparency. The system provides an extensive report of risk factors including mitigation strategy and builds a solid foundation for the compliance and research strategy.


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Key Features

  • System-based specification of the organization and business structure
  • Workflow for identification, categorization and weighting of enterprises’ risks (e.g. customer, product, process, country risks)
  • Large database with predefined risks
  • Measures for risk prevention and minimization, including functionality for time and task management
  • Interface to research systems (e.g. Siron® KYC, Siron® AML, Siron® Embargo) to examine the efficiency of monitoring measures through continual enrichment of risk analysis with up-to-date key figures

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A Holistic approach to Financial Crime Prevention with Alpha Bank

Alpha Bank

Money laundering and the financing of international terrorism pose a major threat for banks and insurance companies. While money launderers and terrorists introduce more and more illegal funds into the legal circulation, national and international laws and directives, such as the Third Anti-Money Laundering Directive, USA Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act, FATF 40+9 Recommendations, are being developed further to counteract the changing typologies and employed methods.