Simplifying complex CRS & FATCA reporting obligations


Highly flexible CRS & FATCA solution

Siron® TCR is a comprehensive, highly flexible solution that simplifies tax compliance. The identification process classifies customer and account data by CRS/FATCA relevance. The system guarantees that the classification of a natural or legal person is continuously reviewed and that CRS/FATCA related changes are identified. Defined workflows remind customer advisors to complete necessary tasks, which clarify the CRS or FATCA status. Siron® TCR disposes of integrated document tracking in order to monitor deadlines and the validity of the documents. The CRS & FATCA software also ensures secure electronic reporting to tax authorities.

Siron® TCR: CRS Identification & Classification

Siron® TCR: CRS Reporting

Core Benefits

Improved efficiency


Future-proof technology

Improved efficiency

High automation and built-in workflow significantly reduces operational workload and time-intensive complex CRS & FATCA compliance requirements.


Fulfills identification, classification and reporting obligations – be it FATCA or CRS – with one single solution.

Future-proof technology

Maximum investment security provided due to adjustable,  flexible and scalable technology that can handle a large variety of reports and recipients.

Solution Architecture

CRS & FATCA identification, classification and reporting

Siron® TCR has been designed to efficiently manage global tax compliance duties for classification and reporting from a single interface. The CRS & FATCA solution can easily be integrated into any existing system environments and onboarding processes. Siron® TCR offers standardized interfaces to third-party databases for automated integration of beneficial owners for legal entities with the CRS/FATCA checking process. 

Key Features

  • Retrieval of relevant customer information from various data sources
  • Integration with existing customer onboarding processes and systems (e.g. Siron® KYC)
  • Customer-base check through a standardized, yet flexible, interface
  • Compliance with the statutory regulations (CRS, FATCA) for classification of new and existing customers
  • Integration of check rules for CRS/FATCA scenarios and a flexible editor to adjust and extend these rules
  • Workflows for CRS/FATCA cases
  • Audit-proof process for logging and document storage
  • Automatic continuous customer monitoring and reporting of CRS/FATCA related changes
  • Ability to report to supervisory authorities in addition to customer reporting

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