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FICO® Transaction Scores

Find high-risk customers faster with additional analytic insight

FICO Transaction Scores identify high-risk customer behavior faster and more accurately by scoring authorization transaction data. These scores improve the risk management performance for businesses using FICO’s TRIAD® adaptive control system.

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Features & Benefits

Spot increasing risk sooner and more accurately

Authorizations data raises predictive power when used in conjunction with your cycle-based behavior scores. It separates customers with the same behavior score by revealing different levels of risk in day-to-day behavior patterns not evident in activity summaries.Fresh analytic insights gained with every transaction sharpen decisioning.

Reduce losses while improving revenue

With FICO Transaction Scores, you can finely segment your portfolio to avoid overly conservative decisions while tightly controlling risk exposure. You can also use these fresh analytic insights for better intra-cycle decisions, which can be especially important with new accounts.

Comply with risk regulations

FICO Transaction Scores improve separation within portfolio segments and can be used to produce more homogeneous risk pools for Basel II compliance.

Rank-order account risk based on transaction data

FICO Transaction Scores provide an additional prediction of future account risk by analyzing customer behavior from the actual data generated by every card transaction. Modeling this abundant data, which captures rich detail about customer habits and lifestyle, provides significant incremental predictive lift in assessing consumer risk.

Leverage the predictive power of FICO’s leading transaction scoring engine

FICO Transaction Scores are built using the transaction scoring engine of our FICO™ Falcon® Fraud Manager, the leading system for detecting card fraud worldwide. This engine is key to processing voluminous transaction data for near real-time scoring. No other solution gives you so much predictive power from your transaction data.

Use as decision keys for account management or collections

Transaction scores can be employed as decision keys for FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager. They can also be used in collections. For example, with the FICO™ Debt Manager™ solution, they can further separate delinquent accounts, enabling resources to be focused where risk of bad debt is highest.


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