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FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager

Drive profits higher by making increasingly astute account and customer management decisions

FICO® TRIAD Customer Manager is the leading credit account and customer management solution, with advanced analytics, unmatched strategy consulting and sophisticated strategy design tools. Customer-centric companies throughout the financial services, telecommunications and retail industries rely on TRIAD Customer Manager to make the right customer decision at the right time. Champion/challenger testing drives continuous improvement in portfolio management decisions for credit and deposit products. More than 65% of customer credit card decisions worldwide are automated and improved with TRIAD Customer Manager. It can be installed on premises or accessed as a secure hosted service through major credit card processors worldwide.

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Features & Benefits

Lift portfolio performance across multiple dimensions

TRIAD Customer Manager improves and automates decisions for credit cards, debit cards, loans, auto financing and other business lines. Typical client results include up to a 30% increase in revenues, up to a 25% decrease in delinquencies and up to a 25% increase in interest income.

Improve risk separation to sharpen segmentation and targeting

Integrated analytics generate behavior scores, accurately predicting the risk level of every account. Precision scoring enables you to increase portfolio segmentation for better targeted treatments.

Expand analytic insights to balance risk with reward

Additional predictive models (e.g., collection, bankruptcy, revenue, response, attrition) help you make better decisions by creating strategies that incorporate a wider range of customer behavior forecasts. Business users can fold these into strategies without IT assistance.

Make efficient, profitable decisions reflecting the total customer relationship

TRIAD Customer Manager lets you make automated decisions based on the organization's overall risk exposure and all the customer's accounts and obligations. Coordinated treatments reduce costs and help you retain and build valuable relationships.

Become a tougher, more agile competitor by improving and adapting strategies faster

With champion/challenger testing, you systematically improve performance by learning from operational results. New, graphical strategy design capabilities give business users more power and independence to create and modify strategies that push the performance edge and quickly respond to market change.

Gain an edge from your unique data

Custom decision keys based on data, which competitors don't have, may deliver a performance edge. Explore more competitive possibilities by quickly simulating custom key results.

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