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FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite

Develop powerful optimization applications faster than ever before

FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite software is a platform for building optimization solutions that drive business process improvements. The Xpress Optimization Suite provides easy ways to create, deploy and utilize business optimization solutions based on scalable high-performance algorithms, a flexible modeling environment, and rapid application and reporting capabilities for on premise and cloud installations.

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Features & Benefits

Enable fast visual design

Xpress-Mosel is a modeling and programming language with a drag-and-drop editor that allows developers to quickly build interactive, intuitive visual decision support applications. IVE software makes it easier for developers to use the program editor, compiler, execution environment, debugger and profiler.

Empower business users

Xpress-Insight enables you to rapidly deploy optimization models as powerful applications without the need for additional development efforts. The adaptive user interface automatically presents the contents of a model in business terms, ready for data explorations and what-if analysis.

Solve enormously complex problems, faster

Xpress-Optimizer provides a wide array of sophisticated, robust optimization algorithms for solving large-scale linear problems, mixed integer problems, quadratic problems, mixed integer quadratic problems and quadratically constrained quadratic problems.

Solve real-world problems

Xpress-NonLinear offers powerful and versatile nonlinear solvers to help you model with greater accuracy and solve large-scale problems, real-world problems. The simple, unified interface makes this functionality accessible to mainstream modelers.

Process with the fastest optimization engines on the market

Xpress Optimization Suite now comes standard with fully parallelized internal algorithms, allowing it to take advantage of multi-core CPU architectures and process millions of variables up to 60% faster than before. It includes a more advanced automatic problem reformulation, as well as a dramatically enhanced solver for quadratic-constrained quadratic programming.

Gain insight to sensitivities

Xpress offers improved solution sensitivity analysis, making it possible to efficiently explore larger quantities of "what if?" scenarios. It finds the strongest levers by adjusting variables and constraints to measure how far they move optimal operating points.

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