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myFICO® service

myFICO is FICO’s consumer division, which offers consumers access to their FICO® Score, and to related products designed to help consumers understand and analyze their FICO® Score and underlying credit reports.

By joining our myFICO partner and affiliate programs, lenders can provide valuable educational services to their customers. myFICO helps consumers understand actions to achieve and protect their overall financial health. It is the foremost provider of information on how FICO® Scores work, straight from FICO. Only myFICO.com lets consumers purchase their FICO® scores from all three major US credit reporting agencies. Kiplinger’s has named myFICO as the “Best Place to Buy Your Credit Score.” Go to www.myfico.com.

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Features & Benefits

Help your customers manage their financial health

Through the myFICO Partner Program, you can give your customers and website visitors up-to-date information on credit risk scoring and direct access to their FICO® score and credit profile. You’ll also gain access to FICO's educational content to post directly on your website as a valuable service to your customers.

Earn revenues by linking to myFICO products

Through the myFICO affiliate program, your business can earn commissions on sales of myFICO products by linking to them from your website or online banking program.  

Show customer their FICO® Scores on statements

Through the FICO Scores on Statements service, lenders can give customers their FICO® scores on their regular monthly online statements.


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