FICO® Analytic Consulting

Analytics, Debt Management Solutions, Marketing & Customer Engagement, Originations, Risk & Compliance

FICO® Analytic Consulting helps you attain the best predictive models for your business needs—whether you’re new to scoring or have an experienced in-house analytic team.  FICO Analytic Consulting's predictive models provide significant benefits used on their own or as an integral part of FICO’s decision management solutions.  Use empirically derived custom models tailored specifically to proprietary product portfolios and customer bases, as well as pooled-data and expert (knowledge-based) models to reduce the time, expense and data demands of custom development.

FICO® Analytic Modeler Decision Tree Professional


Companies need decisioning tools that move beyond segmentation to strategy development, yet many decision tools cannot do that.  Some tools rely on business experience rather than data, or analyze only one business objective at a time—approaches that are neither efficient nor effective.  By comparison, FICO® Analytic Modeler Decision Tree Professional integrates data-driven rules with policies to target segments that support a company’s objectives.  Analysts can quickly access and begin using a robust segmentation tool that evaluates multiple business perspectives simultaneously, and allows analysts to move from segmentation to serving populations.

FICO® Analytic Modeler Scorecard


FICO® Analytic Modeler Scorecard is built for the business analyst who is new to predictive modeling. This intuitive software, hosted in the FICO® Analytic Cloud and available for on-premises deployment as part of the FICO Decision Management Suite, can automatically create and explore effective predictive models.  Unlike other scorecard solutions, FICO® Analytic Modeler Scorecard provides interactive visualizations that give insights into the most important predictive patterns and factors driving business outcomes.

If you are an experienced analyst who needs more advanced scorecard building capabilities and control over the model and resulting documentation, FICO® Analytic Modeler Scorecard Professional powered by Xeno® may be the right tool for you.

FICO® Analytic Modeler Scorecard Professional


A shortage of analytic talent plus the complex nature of most modeling products lead many companies to either outsource model development or take a “homegrown” route lacking standardization.  Resulting models can fail to meet regulatory standards, prove difficult to integrate and impede productivity.

FICO® Analytic Modeler Scorecard Professional empowers the experienced business analyst with a sophisticated and intuitive point-and-click scorecard development tool that efficiently adjusts for imperfect data, addresses competing objectives, and builds best-of-breed transparent models that align to business expectations, meet regulatory requirements and ease the audit process.

FICO® Analytic Offer Manager

Marketing & Customer Engagement

FICO® Analytic Offer Manager uses predictive analytics to develop highly-personalized marketing offers based on an individual's engagement. The resulting offers match closely a prospect's purchasing behavior while supporting business objectives. 

FICO® Analytics Workbench™


FICO Analytics Workbench is a cloud-based analytics solution that provides business users and data scientists with sophisticated yet easy-to-use data exploration, visual data wrangling, decision strategy design and machine learning.  Analytics Workbench is designed for teams of varying skill sets and can be used to tackle a diverse set of high-performance, high-value modeling problems. Users can quickly build analytic models that can be easily deployed as a service on the FICO Decision Management Suite.

FICO® Application Fraud Manager

Fraud & Security, Originations

Prevent first-and third-party application fraud through detection across multiple products and channels. Gain access to world-class analytics that can be deployed quickly to protect new products and enhance existing fraud investments.

FICO® Application Fraud Manager can help businesses in any industry to stop credit fraud where it starts: at the point of application. This FICO solution gives firms in a wide range of industries – banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail, government and more – access to FICO’s market-proven, industry-leading analytic technology.

FICO® Application Studio


FICO® Application Studio is a powerful solution that shortens the time to develop and deliver analytically powered applications—up to 10 times faster than traditional approaches—that are secure, mobile-ready and can be deployed as a cloud-based or on-premises solution.

FICO® Blaze Advisor® Decision Rules Management System

Analytics, Marketing & Customer Engagement

FICO® Blaze Advisor is the world's leading decision rules management system, maximizing control over high-volume operational decisions. Blaze Advisor provides companies with a scalable solution that delivers unprecedented agility and actionability for smarter business decisions. Discover how to Extend Blaze Advisor with FICO Model Translator.

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FICO® Card Alert Service

Fraud & Security

Pinpoint ATM and debit card transaction fraud early to spot fraud at its inception, before significant losses occur. Identify and isolate the at-risk cards that are likely to incur future fraud losses.

With high-profile data breaches making headline news, financial organizations are on the defensive. FICO® Card Alert Service protects customers from fraudulent transactions and reduces financial organizations’ exposure to significant financial losses.

This FICO solution combines industry-leading predictive analytic software and investigative techniques to spot fraud in its earliest stages. It uniquely stops criminals through early fraud detection and identifies at-risk cards that may not yet have been used for fraudulent transactions. FICO’s Block & Reissue reports then empower card issuers to take back control.

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