FICO® Card Compromise Manager

Fraud & Security

Around the world, criminals are stealing payment card data and using it to make fake cards that quickly accumulate fraudulent charges. What if your organization could quickly find out exactly which customers’ card data was compromised, before their stolen card information was used to make a torrent of fraudulent purchases? With FICO® Card Compromise Manager, you can. 

FICO Card Compromise Manager is an anti-fraud solution that proactively detects and prioritizes compromised merchants and data breaches, automatically alerting fraud teams. A powerful companion to FICO Falcon Fraud Manager, it can analyze and detect card present, card not present (CNP) and ATM fraud originating from compromised merchants and ATMs. 

FICO® Claims Fraud Solution

Fraud & Security

FICO® Claims Fraud Solution detects and prioritizes fraud incidents, allowing investigators to more efficiently triage and handle a growing number of fraud cases. Built on FICO’s industry-leading fraud analytics, Claims Fraud Solution provides a fully integrated environment that is proven effective in detecting and stopping fraud.

FICO® Collection & Recovery Models

Debt Management Solutions

FICO® Custom Collection and Recovery Models help organizations accelerate collection revenue by bringing analytic models up-to-date with today’s changing economies and consumer behavior. FICO’s sophisticated predictive analytics, domain expertise and careful tailoring to the operational environment assures credit issuers and collectors they have the precise models they need to determine whether to allow accounts to self-cure or charge-off.  


FICO® Collection Optimization

Communications, Debt Management Solutions

Collection Optimization uses FICO’s sophisticated decision modeling algorithms to quantify the impact of business decisions and actions on debt collection and recovery outcomes. With the ability to run “what if” scenarios and stress test results, managers easily and confidently choose the optimal decision for virtually any aspect of collection operations, including placements, settlements, resource allocation and other objectives.

Visit the FICO Optimization Community to learn more about what you can do with collection optimization, download software trials, get support and talk to the experts!

FICO Optimization Community

FICO® Collection Scores

Analytics, Optimization, Originations, Scores

FICO® Collection Scores provide a consolidated view of how consumers repay credit obligations held by lenders and credit issuers, updated regularly to reflect changes in consumer behavior and lending practices. Did you know FICO Scores are deployed in 21 countries? The latest US version of the FICO® Score increases predictive accuracy by 15% to 20%, especially for consumers who have recently sought new credit and those with prior credit blemishes. 


FICO® Consumer Fraud Control

Fraud & Security

Data breaches and card theft have made personal financial safety consumers’ top concern. FICO® Consumer Fraud Control is a mobile app solution that empowers consumers to configure card usage controls and transactional alerts, for greater peace of mind.

Building on FICO’s market-leading fraud models, Consumer Fraud Control allows consumers to easily shield themselves from potential fraud, as well as closely manage daily card use. With it, they can proactively monitor account and card activity, control and limit spending, and instantly pause card function in the event of suspected fraud or loss.    

FICO® Credit Capacity Custom Solution


Leveraging FICO’s patented Future Action Impact Modeling technology, the FICO® Credit Capacity Custom Solution provides lenders an effective and objective mechanism for assessing a consumer’s ability to take on incremental debt, enabling lenders to better achieve their overall risk management and performance objectives.

FICO® Customer Communication Services

Communications, Marketing & Customer Engagement, Risk & Compliance

As consumer service expectations rise and consumers expand their use of different communication channels, organizations of all types (banks, utilities, auto manufacturers, telecommunications firms and insurers) are seeking ways to connect effectively at scale. FICO® Customer Communication Services deliver intelligent, scalable, two-way, automated voice, text, e-mail and mobile app notifications, with a human touch. FICO Customer Communication Services works alongside existing systems and processes to help organizations reduce fraud, collect more debt, improve customer service, and drive service renewals and product upsell. 


FICO® Customer Data Integration

Data-driven insights inform just about everything you do with, for and about customers. If you can integrate a consolidated customer view using real-time and offline data and put these insights to use faster, you’ve got an all-around performance enhancer. 

By turning data integration from an impediment to an enabler, you influence and improve your business outcomes. The challenge for marketers is piecing it together to create a consolidated, centralized and immediately useful view of customers without sacrificing quality for speed. To do this right, you need self-serve tools that blend real-time and offline data from different channels and sources. 

FICO® Customer Dialogue Manager

Marketing & Customer Engagement

Gaining the customer’s attention isn’t easy. To attract and keep more of it, you need to use data-driven insights to turn campaigns into personalized omni-channel conversations that bring customers increasing value over time. Traditional product-centric marketing activities in specific channels are giving way to customer-centric campaigns that span channels. The challenge for marketers isn’t just sharing information across product and channel silos, it’s using data and analytics to create precisely targeted and timed campaigns with the appropriate context, playing a positive role in the entire customer journey.  

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