FICO® Application Fraud Manager

Fraud & Security, Originations

Prevent first-and third-party application fraud through detection across multiple products and channels. Gain access to world-class analytics that can be deployed quickly to protect new products and enhance existing fraud investments.

FICO® Application Fraud Manager can help businesses in any industry to stop credit fraud where it starts: at the point of application. This FICO solution gives firms in a wide range of industries – banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail, government and more – access to FICO’s market-proven, industry-leading analytic technology.

FICO® Card Alert Service

Fraud & Security

Pinpoint ATM and debit card transaction fraud early to spot fraud at its inception, before significant losses occur. Identify and isolate the at-risk cards that are likely to incur future fraud losses.

With high-profile data breaches making headline news, financial organizations are on the defensive. FICO® Card Alert Service protects customers from fraudulent transactions and reduces financial organizations’ exposure to significant financial losses.

This FICO solution combines industry-leading predictive analytic software and investigative techniques to spot fraud in its earliest stages. It uniquely stops criminals through early fraud detection and identifies at-risk cards that may not yet have been used for fraudulent transactions. FICO’s Block & Reissue reports then empower card issuers to take back control.

FICO® Claims Fraud Solution

Fraud & Security

FICO® Claims Fraud Solution detects and prioritizes fraud incidents, allowing investigators to more efficiently triage and handle a growing number of fraud cases. Built on FICO’s industry-leading fraud analytics, Claims Fraud Solution provides a fully integrated environment that is proven effective in detecting and stopping fraud.

FICO® Falcon Platform

Fraud & Security

The FICO® Falcon® Platform is the industry’s leading fraud management solution. It leverages FICO’s proven leadership in predictive analytics to deliver real-time, end-to-end fraud, security and compliance management. With the platform, institutions can cost-effectively reduce fraud losses, protect brand reputation, gain efficiencies and improve the customer experience across multiple products, channels and lifecycle stages.

The Falcon® Platform features an open, extensible architecture, helping institutions to maximize the value of their fraud prevention investments.

FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager

Fraud & Security

As the foundation of the FICO® Falcon® Platform, FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager provides core analytic processing power to handle an organization’s transactional fraud detection needs such as debt, credit, deposit, ePayments and mobile. It can be used to process events, develop strategies to detect fraud and create cases, and execute associated decisioning across an institution’s products, channels and customers.

FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager provides deep insight into fraud trends and activity. Powered by FICO’s market-leading predictive analytics, it detects up to 50% more fraud than rules-based systems.

FICO® Fraud Predictor with Merchant Profiles

Fraud & Security

FICO® Fraud Predictor with Merchant Profiles integrates the predictive power of merchant risk data with the industry-leading analytics of the FICO® Falcon Fraud Manager. Together, these solutions can increase fraud detection by as much as 50% with Fraud Preditor alone up to 15% absolute - and with very low false positive ratios. Issuers that take advantage of this breakthrough combination can receive the highest level of fraud protection available.

Fraud Predictor with Merchant Profiles profiles both merchant and cardholder data for fraud predictions. These profiles feed into models built on the largest consortium of fraud and non-fraud transaction data in the world.  The  data fed from one of the largest association networks looks at fraud and not fraud data to continually update profiles sensitive to the collective fraud behavior shown at particular merchant points.  

FICO® Fraud Score

Fraud & Security, Scores

FICO® Fraud Score helps lenders worldwide increase detection of first- and third-party application fraud, as well as support case management with deeper insight into potential perpetrations and by helping analysts prioritize accounts.

FICO® Identity Resolution Engine

Fraud & Security

FICO® Identity Resolution Engine (IRE) adds a critical dimension to the fight against fraud by resolving the true identities of perpetrators, and revealing fraud rings.  Using enterprise and third-party data, FICO Identity Resolution Engine discovers social network relationships between people, entities and activities and provides actionable fraud analytics. 

IRE is put to use in numerous industries across both public and private sectors , to target the detection of organized fraud rings, committing financial crimes through bust-out fraud, fraudulent health claims and more.

Also provided as a software add-on to the Falcon Platform, FICO Identity Resolution Engine significantly reduces fraud by accelerating the discovery of highly sophisticated, and organized, financial criminals.

FICO® Insurance Fraud Manager

Fraud & Security

FICO® Insurance Fraud Manager is an enterprise-class solution for healthcare payers designed to stop fraud, waste and abuse. Based on FICO’s market-leading adaptive predictive models, it can analyze pre-pay (adjudicated, but not yet paid, claims) or post pay claims –– up to one million per hour.

It dramatically improves claims processing accuracy, payment integrity and compliance. Insurance Fraud Manager scores claims, providers and procedures and includes a fully customizable investigation case manager that provides an efficient workflow for both claim reviewers and special investigators to quickly discover, record, and perform actions that will reduce fraud, waste and abuse.   It’s the core component of the FICO® Payment Integrity Platform.   


FICO® Payment Integrity Platform

Fraud & Security


The FICO® Payment Integrity Platform lets healthcare payers use FICO’s market-proven adaptive predictive analytics to quickly spot emerging fraud patterns, to end the expensive cycle of “pay and chase.”  The platform offers numerous options in which a healthcare payer can optimize their fraud, waste and abuse solution to meet their unique needs and optimize their ROI results. The Payment Integrity Platform is a fully integrated solution with an open, extensible architecture, helping payers to reduce the cost of healthcare across the entire organization.

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