Fair Isaac Advisors Account/Customer Management TRIAD Implementation Consulting


During the implementation of risk technology—such as FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager, FICO® Debt Manager™ solution or FICO® Blaze Advisor® decision rules management system—we will get you off to a flying start. We use our knowledge and experience to guide the business strategy design and make sure the system will be implemented in a way that achieves your business objectives, as expeditiously as possible.

FICO® Insurance Scores


FICO® Insurance Scores (formerly known as Credit Based Insurance Scores) give property and casualty underwriters an instant assessment of prospect, applicant or policyholder risk based on credit reporting agency data. These industry-leading scores have helped more than 300 insurers in North America make better decisions based on future claims/loss expectancy. FICO also offers scores that assess property risk based on property inspection and application information.

FICO® Model Central™

Analytics, Risk & Compliance

FICO® Model Central™ dramatically increases visibility into and control over the analytic models that drive better decision outcomes across the enterprise. Centralized model management reduces the cost, time and effort required to create, deploy, monitor and update models.  FICO® Model Central™ minimizes compliance risk with streamlined validation reporting, consistent workflow processes, automated approval capture and accurate audit trails.  It will provide you with a deeper understanding of critical risk drivers and allow you to make more profitable decisions with consistently stronger, more accurate and more current predictive models.  

FICO® Rating Scale Services


The FICO® Rating Scale Service provides expert guidance in establishing a methodology or common way to communicate and explain the credit portfolio risk, identify the relevance and impact across various departments & portfolios, all while ensuring stakeholder buy-in.

FICO® Score


The FICO® Score, available at the three major consumer reporting agencies, helps lenders make accurate, reliable and fast credit risk decisions across the customer lifecycle. The FICO® Score rank-orders consumers by how likely they are to pay their credit obligations as agreed. The most widely used broad-based risk score; the FICO® Score plays a critical role in billions of decisions each year. The latest US version, FICO® Score 9 is the most current and predictive FICO® Score.

FICO® Score Economic Calibration Service

Risk & Compliance, Scores

Confidently address regulatory stress testing requirements, evaluate the impact of economic shocks on consumer credit risk and develop economically sensitive credit policies with insight into the forecasted probability of default (PD) by FICO® Score range, product type and geography.  To meet the Federal Reserve’s stress testing requirements such as CCAR (Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review) and DFAST (Dodd-Frank Stress Testing) forecasted PDs to be used for benchmarking  inclusion in stress test models are readily available for each of the three regulatory scenarios; baseline, adverse and severely adverse over the requisite nine quarter horizon.  Inform business strategies and capital allocation decisions with forecasted PDs aligned with custom economic scenarios to mitigate losses and improve business results.   


FICO® Score Open Access

Marketing & Customer Engagement, Scores

If your organization strives to build loyalty, trust and growth through greater credit score transparency, FICO® Score Open Access can help you strengthen customer relationships and increase profitability. FICO® Score Open Access empowers you to share FICO® Scores you already purchased for risk management decisions with your customers – with no additional score fees charged by FICO.  Through FICO® Score Open Access, you provide your customers with their FICO® Scores, empowerment tools and credit education through multiple channels and at varying frequencies. 

FICO® Small Business Scoring Service


FICO® Small Business Scoring Service (SBSS) is recognized as the industry leader in assessing the risk of US small business credit applicants. SBSS is delivered via our LiquidCredit(r) infrastructure and brings the speed of consumer lending to your small business lending decisions. With SBSS, you can make decisions in hours, not days, improving customer satisfaction and helping you attract more small businesses. This service helps you say “yes” to the right applicants faster, and build a healthy portfolio of commercial accounts.



The FICO® SME Score—which is based on the same analytic technology used by 90% of the small business lenders in the United States—quickly and accurately assesses risk, making it possible for credit grantors to expand their small business loan portfolio and control risk with confidence.

Property PredictR® Insurance Score


The Property PredictR® Insurance Score is the first statistically developed risk score based exclusively on residential property inspection information. The Property PredictR Score enables insurers to more effectively evaluate new and existing property risks for greater account and overall book performance and profitability.

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