FICO® Card Alert Service

Fraud & Security

Pinpoint ATM and debit card transaction fraud early to spot fraud at its inception, before significant losses occur. Identify and isolate the at-risk cards that are likely to incur future fraud losses.

With high-profile data breaches making headline news, financial organizations are on the defensive. FICO® Card Alert Service protects customers from fraudulent transactions and reduces financial organizations’ exposure to significant financial losses.

This FICO solution combines industry-leading predictive analytic software and investigative techniques to spot fraud in its earliest stages. It uniquely stops criminals through early fraud detection and identifies at-risk cards that may not yet have been used for fraudulent transactions. FICO’s Block & Reissue reports then empower card issuers to take back control.

FICO® Model Central™

Analytics, Risk & Compliance

FICO® Model Central™ dramatically increases visibility into and control over the analytic models that drive better decision outcomes across the enterprise. Centralized model management reduces the cost, time and effort required to create, deploy, monitor and update models.  FICO® Model Central™ minimizes compliance risk with streamlined validation reporting, consistent workflow processes, automated approval capture and accurate audit trails.  It will provide you with a deeper understanding of critical risk drivers and allow you to make more profitable decisions with consistently stronger, more accurate and more current predictive models.  

FICO® Blaze Advisor® Decision Rules Management System

Analytics, Marketing & Customer Engagement

FICO® Blaze Advisor® is the world’s leading decision rules management system, maximizing control over high-volume operational decisions. Blaze Advisor provides companies with a scalable solution that delivers unprecedented agility and actionability for smarter business decisions.

Blaze Advisor empowers business users with multiple methods for rule development, authoring and testing—including decision trees, scorecards, decision tables, graphical decision flows and customized templates. It also supports monitoring of business performance captured through user-defined events, providing the building blocks for strategy orchestration and champion/challenger strategies.

FICO® Fraud Predictor with Merchant Profiles

Fraud & Security

FICO® Fraud Predictor with Merchant Profiles integrates the predictive power of merchant risk data with the industry-leading analytics of the FICO® Falcon Fraud Manager. Together, these solutions can increase fraud detection by as much as 50% with Fraud Preditor alone up to 15% absolute - and with very low false positive ratios. Issuers that take advantage of this breakthrough combination can receive the highest level of fraud protection available.

Fraud Predictor with Merchant Profiles profiles both merchant and cardholder data for fraud predictions. These profiles feed into models built on the largest consortium of fraud and non-fraud transaction data in the world.  The  data fed from one of the largest association networks looks at fraud and not fraud data to continually update profiles sensitive to the collective fraud behavior shown at particular merchant points.  

FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager

Fraud & Security

As the foundation of the FICO® Falcon® Platform, FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager provides core analytic processing power to handle an organization’s transactional fraud detection needs such as debt, credit, deposit, ePayments and mobile. It can be used to process events, develop strategies to detect fraud and create cases, and execute associated decisioning across an institution’s products, channels and customers.

FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager provides deep insight into fraud trends and activity. Powered by FICO’s market-leading predictive analytics, it detects up to 50% more fraud than rules-based systems.

FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager

Marketing & Customer Engagement

Customer-centric firms know that FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager, the world’s leading credit and deposit customer management solution, helps deliver profits. TRIAD's closed loop decision improvement process drives long-term profit growth at lower risk through a unique combination of analytics, simulation, champion/challenger testing, and unmatched strategy consulting. More than 65% of all customer credit card decisions worldwide are automated and improved with TRIAD. 

TRIAD is available on-premises or in the cloud.

FICO® Small Business Scoring Service


FICO® Small Business Scoring Service (SBSS) is recognized as the industry leader in assessing the risk of US small business credit applicants. SBSS is delivered via our LiquidCredit(r) infrastructure and brings the speed of consumer lending to your small business lending decisions. With SBSS, you can make decisions in hours, not days, improving customer satisfaction and helping you attract more small businesses. This service helps you say “yes” to the right applicants faster, and build a healthy portfolio of commercial accounts.

FICO® Merchant Monitoring Solution

Fraud & Security

FICO® gives merchant acquirers the industry’s most comprehensive solution to monitor and identify merchants’ capacity for generating losses. The FICO® Merchant Monitoring Solution makes it easy for merchant acquirers to gain an ongoing, deep understanding of the full spectrum of merchant risk — fraud, card association non-compliance, bankruptcy, attrition — and detect and track suspicious transactions.

FICO brings greater insight and efficiencies to monitoring and managing of merchant risk with components that include business rules management and a case management system. Professional services from FICO Consulting are also available.

FICO® Falcon Platform

Fraud & Security

The FICO® Falcon® Platform is the industry’s leading fraud management solution. It leverages FICO’s proven leadership in predictive analytics to deliver real-time, end-to-end fraud, security and compliance management. With the platform, institutions can cost-effectively reduce fraud losses, protect brand reputation, gain efficiencies and improve the customer experience across multiple products, channels and lifecycle stages.

The Falcon® Platform features an open, extensible architecture, helping institutions to maximize the value of their fraud prevention investments.

FICO® Engagement Analyzer

Communications, Debt Management Solutions, Optimization

Organizations collecting debt struggle everyday to maintain compliance and collection effectiveness. Engagement Analyzer leverages sophisticated text and speech recognition analytics to index, search, analyze and report content from collector interactions. Performance dashboards and real-time alerts inform managers and analysts about compliance and policy violations, highlighting key metrics to improve collector productivity.


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