FICO® Analytic Consulting

Analytics, Communications, Debt Management Solutions, Marketing & Customer Engagement, Originations, Risk & Compliance, Scores

FICO® Analytic Consulting helps you attain the best predictive models for your business needs—whether you’re new to scoring or have an experienced in-house analytic team.  FICO Analytic Consulting's predictive models provide significant benefits used on their own or as an integral part of FICO’s decision management solutions.  Use empirically derived custom models tailored specifically to proprietary product portfolios and customer bases, as well as pooled-data and expert (knowledge-based) models to reduce the time, expense and data demands of custom development.

FICO® Collection Optimization

Communications, Debt Management Solutions, Scores

Collection Optimization uses FICO’s sophisticated decision modeling algorithms to quantify the impact of business decisions and actions on debt collection and recovery outcomes. With the ability to run “what if” scenarios and stress test results, managers easily and confidently choose the optimal decision for virtually any aspect of collection operations, including placements, settlements, resource allocation and other objectives.

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FICO® Credit Capacity Custom Solution


Leveraging FICO’s patented Future Action Impact Modeling technology, the FICO® Credit Capacity Custom Solution provides lenders an effective and objective mechanism for assessing a consumer’s ability to take on incremental debt, enabling lenders to better achieve their overall risk management and performance objectives.

FICO® Data Orchestrator

Analytics, Risk & Compliance, Scores

FICO® Data Orchestrator is a cloud or on-premises data retrieval and mapping solution that can access, gather and transform data from corporate or public facing information services, such as credit reference agencies. Organizations can transform  multiple sources of data to improve operational intelligence, risk management and usability. The open, pluggable architecture lets developers incrementally add new data interfaces to an existing system, or construct a product library to use in other implementations.

FICO® Fraud Score

Fraud & Security, Scores

FICO® Fraud Score helps lenders worldwide increase detection of first- and third-party application fraud, as well as support case management with deeper insight into potential perpetrations and by helping analysts prioritize accounts.

FICO® Insurance Scores


FICO® Insurance Scores (formerly known as Credit Based Insurance Scores) give property and casualty underwriters an instant assessment of prospect, applicant or policyholder risk based on credit reporting agency data. These industry-leading scores have helped more than 300 insurers in North America make better decisions based on future claims/loss expectancy. FICO also offers scores that assess property risk based on property inspection and application information.

FICO® Medication Adherence Score


The FICO® Medication Adherence Score helps health care organizations improve the effectiveness of their care, case and utilization management programs, and helps pharmaceutical manufacturers strengthen their programs for education and outreach. By identifying each patient’s propensity toward medication adherence over the next 12 months, this fully HIPAA-compliant solution helps direct activities to patients at highest risk of noncompliance, improving program efficiency and maximizing results.

FICO® Mortgage Score


The FICO® Mortgage Score 1.0, powered by CoreLogic®, combines unique consumer credit data from CoreLogic with traditional credit data from the national credit reporting agencies to deliver a comprehensive and accurate view of a consumer’s credit risk profile when prequalifying or originating mortgage loans.

FICO® PreScore®


FICO® PreScore® Service combines FICO® credit bureau score delivery, strategy consulting and campaign analytics to help US credit grantors execute more profitable prescreening campaigns. Leading US lenders have relied on our PreScore experts’ knowledge to conduct thousands of successful campaigns and significantly improve results.

FICO® Propensity Scores for Health Care


FICO® Propensity Scores for Health Care improve patient engagement across all health care stakeholders—including payers, providers, retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical
manufacturers—to improve patient health and reduce cost. Through a proprietary combination of rich third-party data, analytic development techniques and flexible delivery options, FICO Propensity Scores provide you with an accurate, actionable view of relevant patient behavior propensity.

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