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Reduce Expenses with Real-Time, Risk-Driven Rules-Based Underwriting

Today's market is challenging insurers on issues from reduced investment income to increasing expenses.
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Summer Insurance Webinar Series

The insurance industry is going through a sea change with operational costs, regulatory pressures, competition and claim expenses all on the rise. However, Big Data Analytics is a potential game changer that could save insurers billions of dollars.

While the industry’s track record of embracing new technology is mixed, the potential payoff from Big Data is extremely compelling. But choosing the right analytics for the job—one-size definitely does not fit all. This series will explore thought leadership and case studies on how we’ve helped our Insurance clients win with Big Data Analytics.

Drive significant growth without adding new resources by implementing real-time analytics and decisions to automate the insurance policy risk selection process. To improve underwriting effectiveness and build a foundation of competitive advantage, successful insurers are focusing on decision management.

>> Reduce costs and improve ease of doing business.
>> Achieve more accurate pricing through expanded risk tiers.
>> Ensure compliance by automating decisions.
>> Improve agility by giving business users control of underwriting rules.

Warren Crawford Client Services-Partner, Insurance Practice, FICO

Reduce Expenses with Real-Time, Risk-Driven Rules-Based Underwriting
Wednesday, June 25, 2014
9:00 AM PDT/11:00 AM CDT/12:00 PM EDT
60 minutes
Complimentary Webinar

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