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Knowledge Base

FICO Falcon Platform (White Papers)

The industry-leading choice to reduce fraud losses and optimize the customer experience.

Fraud & Security
FICO® Falcon ® Platform (Product Sheet)

The industry-leading choice to reduce fraud losses and optimize the customer experience

FICO® Application Studio Cuts Development Time by 75% and Delivers a Better Product (Success Stories)

FICO® Application Studio, a rapid application development (RAD) solution on the FICO® Decision Management Platform.

Decision Application Development & Management
Harnessing the Speech Analytics Advantage (Insights White Papers)

Insights 76 Harnessing the Speech Analytics AdvantageConversations with consumers—whether asking for payment or answering product questions—are an expensive form of contact, fraught with compliance risk. Phonetics-based speech analytics provides a scientific, scalable way of evaluating and improving these conversations. The technology is helping companies lower compliance risk while lifting agent productivity by double digits.

By combining speech analytics with other analytic techniques like predictive models, companies can boost performance even further. This paper looks at how companies can use these combined analytic insights to:

Fraud & Security
FICO® Visual Insights Studio (Product Sheet)

Business intelligence that drives performance and agility

FICO Fraud Testimonials (Presentation)

Lenders Worldwide Turn to FICO in the Fight Against Fraud

Finding Persons of Interest Across Global Enterprise (White Papers)

Giving investigators greater data access and control.

Fraud & Security
Debt recovery leader reduces violations, improves performance with speech analytics (Success Stories)

Reduce exposure to FDCPA violations while improving collector performance

Debt Management
Fraud & Security
Comply and Compete: Model Management Best Practices (eBook)

Meet regulatory requirements in a way that helps you succeed

Decision Application Development & Management
Introducing FICO® Decision Management Platform (Presentation)

Faster Time to Value with Analytically Powered Application – A New Approach

Big Data Analytics
Closing the Loop and Eliminating Costly Delays in Analytic Development and Deployment (White Papers)

With FICO’s Analytic Closed- Loop Process, FICO estimates that a lending organization utilizing 10 scorecards measuring various types of behavior can see $500,000 or more in monetary benefits per year.

Customer Strategy Management
How Shelby County Collects 95% of Property Taxes (Success Stories)

Shelby County Boosts Tax Collection Productivity with FICO® Debt Manager™ Solution

Debt Management
Real-Time Analytics: Power Weapon in War on Payment Fraud (Infographic)

Losses on US credit cards, as a percentage of credit card sales, have been cut by 70% since real-time anti-fraud analytics were introduced in 1992

Fraud & Security
Super-Powering Business Intelligence with Best-of-Breed Big Data Analytics (White Papers)

The Challenges of Identifying and Integrating Best-of-Breed Analytics Technologies

iBPMS Special Edition Emerging Standards in Decision Modeling (White Papers)

Emerging Standards in Decision Modeling – an Introduction to Decision Model & Notation

Satisfying Customers and Regulators: Five Imperatives (Insights White Papers)

Focus on customer experience to increase compliance and relationship value

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