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Reducing Regulatory Drag on Analytics Teams (Insights White Papers)

Insights 82 Reducing Regulatory Drag on Analytics TeamsAutomated workflows standardize and speed model management processes

To improve analytic performance and ensure compliance, leading banks are implementing formal model management processes. But while best practices may be understood, they can be challenging to deploy consistently and at the right level of granularity, such that no matter where regulators probe—and even with analytic staff turnover—all questions can be readily answered.

This white paper examines how banks are using automated workflow tools to improve model governance without creating extra work for analytics teams. In fact, a bank devoting 80% of modeler time to regulatory requirements could reduce that to 20% or less. Analytics teams are freed to spend more time creating and refining models, leading to better model performance.

Big Data AnalyticsDecision Application Development & ManagementOffer Optimization
FICO® Payment Integrity Platform (Product Sheet)

Reducing fraud, waste and abuse through superior adaptive predictive analytic technology

Big Data AnalyticsFraud & Security
FICO® Model Executor for SPLM (Product Sheet)

Automate conversion of models written in SPLM for faster operational integration

Big Data AnalyticsCustomer Growth & RetentionCustomer Strategy ManagementDecision Application Development & Management
Big Data AnalyticsCampaign ManagementCustomer Growth & Retention
FICO® Big Data Analyzer (Product Sheet)

Discover insights from Big Data on Hadoop

Big Data AnalyticsCustomer Growth & RetentionFraud & Security
The $30 Billion Question – How to Win the Fight Against Insurance Fraud (On-demand Webinars)

This webinar covered the latest technologies P&C insurers can use to fight fraud

Fraud & Security
IDC MarketScape-Industry Analyst Discusses Platforms for Building Analytic Applications (On-demand Webinars)

In this webinar, IDC reviews their new IDC MarketScape report for Decision Management Platforms.

Decision Application Development & Management
An Outlook on Consumer Credit Health (On-demand Webinars)

Explore North American consumer credit trends across the credit industry, see how these trends vary for the auto, bankcard and real estate lending markets and glimpse where consumer credit risk is headed for 2015.

Debt Management
Social Network Analysis – Telling the Difference Between Bad Debt and Fraud (On-demand Webinars)

This webinar discussed how Social Network Analysis can help banks solve first party fraud and how this technology is being used today.

Fraud & Security
How Customer Centricity Is Driving Fraud Management Strategies (On-demand Webinars)

In this session, learn about the growing consumer demand for banks to understand and protect their transactions, at every level. This webinar is a preview of a FICO World 2014 session.

Customer Growth & RetentionFraud & Security
The Science of Call Success (eBook)

Speech analytics for collection performance and compliance

Collections and RecoveryCompliance
Customer Communications, Clearing the Regulatory Hurdles (On-demand Webinars)

In this webinar, our FICO panelists discuss the current regulatory landscape and what compliance strategies and best practices our FICO clients have adopted.

Big Data: Overhyped or Underexploited? (Insights White Papers)

Six analytic practices that extract more value and amplify performance

Big Data Analytics
Customer Growth & Retention
Collections and RecoveryCustomer Growth & RetentionDebt Management
FICO® Model Central™ (Product Sheet)

Streamline compliance and better understand risk with centralized model governance and analytics

ComplianceDecision Application Development & Management
FICO Video Webcast Featuring Gartner: Big Data Analytics to Fight Fraud (Video)

Big Data analytics and its impact on managing, fraud, risk and security

Big Data AnalyticsFraud & Security
Text Analytics-What It Can Do for You (On-demand Webinars)

Learn What Text Analytics Can Do for You

Decision Application Development & Management
How Consumer Analytics Can Improve Healthcare (On-demand Webinars)

Learn how healthcare organizations are leveraging consumer analytics and adopting best practices from other industries to drive improvements in prevention, early intervention and care management.

Big Data Analytics
The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts-Optimizing The Health Care Supply Chain To Create A Lean, Agile Machine (On-demand Webinars)

Learn insights from top supply chain leaders from some of the largest healthcare companies in the world.

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