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How Consumer Analytics Can Improve Healthcare (On-demand Webinars)

Learn how healthcare organizations are leveraging consumer analytics and adopting best practices from other industries to drive improvements in prevention, early intervention and care management.

Big Data Analytics
The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts-Optimizing The Health Care Supply Chain To Create A Lean, Agile Machine (On-demand Webinars)

Learn insights from top supply chain leaders from some of the largest healthcare companies in the world.

Turn your Streaming Data into Smart Data (On-demand Webinars)

Learn how to overcome the challenges presented by the velocity, variety and volume of streaming data and more...

Big Data Analytics
High-Performance Predictive Analytics (eBook)

Tuning financial scorecards to maximize business performance

Big Data AnalyticsScoresScores & Scoring Services
Does AI + Big Data = Business Gain? (Insights White Papers)

Insights80 Does AI + Big Data = Business Gain?The acquisition of artificial intelligence company DeepMind by Google touched off a flurry of news articles about the potential for using AI to extract value from Big Data. There’s excitement because while the amount and variety of available data is increasing, most companies have yet to manage a proportionate increase in their ability to extract useful insights from it.

Continued AI innovations are indeed promising and merit renewed interest and investment in the discipline. This paper covers three AI-based analytic technologies already delivering business value or on the brink:

  • Neural networks, including much talked-about "deep learners"
  • Self-learning analytics that adapt to new fraud schemes and cyber security threats
  • Neuro-dynamic programming for making decisions with greater long-term payoffs

Big Data Analytics
Collections and RecoveryCustomer Growth & RetentionDebt Management
Collections and RecoveryCustomer Growth & RetentionDebt Management
Comply and Compete—5 Best Practices for Managing Predictive Models (On-demand Webinars)

In this webinar, we share five best practices in predictive model management for financial services organizations, including strategies for segmentation, model validation, and documentation.

Transforming the Branch Experience: Uniting the Physical and Digital Worlds (Video)

This short video follows two customer journeys demonstrating how banks can surprise and delight customers uniting the digital and physical.

Customer Growth & Retention
Fraud & Security
FICO® Score and Ratings Scale Methodology (Product Sheet)

Leading the way in helping lenders meet regulatory requirements

ScoresScores & Scoring Services
Telecommunications Webinar: Optimizing Customer Credit Decisions (On-demand Webinars)

This webinar shares strategies that can help wireless, wireline, cable and satellite firms improve their customer credit processes and decisions.

Link Analysis – How Can It Help Me Fight Fraud and Grow Profitably? (On-demand Webinars)

This on-demand webinar discusses how link analysis can help fight healthcare fraud, waste and abuse.

Fraud & Security
The 5 Keys to Outpricing (not Underpricing) Your Competitors (On-demand Webinars)

Learn how analytics and optimization can enable your organization to pinpoint the best pricing choices among millions—or billions—of possibilities.

Fraud & Security
Leveraging Scoring and Model Management in a New Culture (On-demand Webinars)

This webinar helps you understand the possibilities beyond traditional credit scoring, differentiate models from scores, and learn new approaches to growing your small business portfolio with confidence.

Scores & Scoring Services

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