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Analytics is a hot field today, and more companies than ever are applying the power of analytics across their business. These firms are competing based on analytic innovation, moving up from simple Business Intelligence to the power of predictive analytics.

As a leader in predictive analytics for more than 50 years, FICO has developed new techniques and applied them to a wide range of business problems. Whether you are a business manager or an analytic scientist, this section will help you advance your knowledge of predictive analytics.

Understanding Predictive Analytics
Learn about the different types of predictive analytics and how they improve business decisions.
Information level: Basic.

Analytic Technologies
Explore more than 20 technologies used to develop predictive analytics.
Information level: Advanced.

FICO Analytic Solutions
Discover some of the leading applications of predictive analytics to business problems.
Information level: Basic.

Infographic: “The Analytics Big Bang”
Trace 70+ years of predictive analytics’ evolution and look ahead to what comes next.
Information level: Basic.

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