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Big Data Analytics – Decision Application Development & Management

Easily design, build, and deploy cutting-edge analytic and decision management solutions

Until now, making better business decisions and driving stronger customer engagement has required expensive, resource-intensive analytic tools and applications. New capabilities allow organizations to easily and cost effectively evaluate, deploy and scale cloud-based and on-premise analytic solutions for real-time decision management.

The Analytic Advantage with FICO

Improve your business decisions
with the pioneers in analytics.

  • Financial Services

    Auto Lending

    Create your own powerful Decision Management applications using sophisticated software for business rules management, model development and optimization

    Credit and Debit Cards

    Boosting issuers’ portfolio volume and profitability with marketing, orginations and account management support

    Retail Banking

    FICO analytics pinpoint attractive, profitable offers to close more customers – plus, direct the customer dialogue for higher retention rates.


    Improving lessors’ origination and renewal decisions to mitigate risk and build long-term customer relationships


    Supporting mortgage lenders in safely originating new accounts, helping financially troubled consumers, and in predicting and avoiding foreclosures

    Small Business Lending

    Helping lenders serve the financial needs of small businesses and support their ongoing growth

  • Insurance

    Life, Annuity and Pension

    With FICO Decision Management Tools, Life, Annuity and Pension Insurers can take their decision management in any direction and to any extent. Your expertise, now backed by our expert tools.

    Property and Casualty

    Giving property and casualty insurers advanced decision-support in their marketing, underwriting, renewals, and claims review.

  • Public Sector

    State, Provincial and Local Government

    Providing the technology for provincial and local government agencies to maximize budget effectiveness, prevent fraud, waste and abuse, and improve operational efficiency

    Federal, Ministerial and Civic Government

    Supporting better, more prudent public sector decisions to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse, streamline operations, and realize the best use of public funds

  • Health Care

    Health Care Payers

    Reducing health care insurers’ losses from claims fraud, abuse, and errors

    Health Care Providers

    Improving patient and health care professional outreach, communications, and education

  • Retail


    Create your own powerful Decision Management applications using sophisticated software for business rules management, model development and optimization

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

    Consumer Packaged Goods

    Create your own powerful Decision Management applications using sophisticated software for business rules management, model development and optimization

  • High Tech

    High Tech

    Optimizing the operations and the production facilities of high tech manufacturers using decision management tools for better decision making.

  • Media & Entertainment

    Media & Entertainment

    Helping professional sports leagues, publishers, broadcasters and other media & entertainment firms optimize workflows, scheduling and other highly complex, unique challenges.

  • Telecommunications


    Supporting telecommunications providers in attracting prospects, approving applicants, securing timely payments and fighting fraud.

  • Travel & Hospitality

    Travel & Hospitality

    Optimizing diverse operations to maximize efficiencies and profit for airlines, hotels, and other travel and hospitality businesses.

  • Utilities


    Generating actionable insight for utilities to improve marketing, account origination, payment management and collections, and fraud decisions.

  • Automotive


    Helping automobile manufacturers, dealers, marketing firms, aftermarket companies, and other businesses improve their production, distribution, marketing and other strategies.

  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

    Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers

    With advanced predictive analytics, FICO provides the best analytic and reporting technologies for device development.

    Medical Devices

    Helping manufacturers to manage and analyze data more efficiently and effectively enabling manufacturers to transform data to manage risk and maximize profits.


    Providing predictive analytics for competitive edge, healthier bottom line with the right message at the right time.

    Pharmacy Benefit Manager

    Helping pharmacy benefit managers deal with non-adherence to prescription drugs which can have significant implications around the world.

    Retail Pharmacy

    Helping retail pharmacies to use purchase history and customer data to predict future customer behavior, allowing pharmacies to fine tune their offers.

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