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Customer Growth & Retention – Campaign Management

Businesses can harnesses the power of FICO’s proven predictive analytics and optimization capabilities to generate highly personalized, timely, and relevant offers to consumers. Then design, execute and manage campaigns with those offers via an intuitive multi-channel marketing platform. Deliver the right offer, via the right channel, right when consumers are most likely to act on them.

  • Financial Services

    Auto Lending

    FICO analytics pinpoint attractive, profitable offers to close more customers – plus, direct the customer dialogue for higher retention rates.

    Credit and Debit Cards

    FICO helps bankcard issuers succeed by combining powerful, innovative software with predictive analytics, to discover hidden signals in Big Data.


    FICO helps lessors succeed by combining powerful, innovative software with predictive analytics, to discover hidden signals in Big Data.

  • Insurance

    Life, Annuity and Pension

    Helping Insurers Effectively Price and Manage the Complex Risks of life, annuity and pension portfolios

    Property and Casualty

    Giving property and casualty insurers advanced decision-support in their marketing, underwriting, renewals, and claims review.

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

    Consumer Packaged Goods

    Multi-channel marketing platform that enables marketers to design, execute and manage precisely-timed and targeted campaigns that engage customers across all channels based on their known interactions and preferences.

  • Automotive


    Helping automobile manufacturers, dealers, marketing firms, aftermarket companies, and other businesses improve their production, distribution, marketing and other strategies.

  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

    Medical Devices

    Supporting the marketing and product distribution of medical device manufacturers


    Improving the marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical manufacturer’s products

    Pharmacy Benefit Manager

    Improving pharmaceutical benefit managers’ administration of prescription drug programs

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