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Customer Originations – Originations

Approving applicants with more precise decisions, and faster processing

Today, the battle for good customers is more complex than ever. Whether launching a new credit card, signing up a new wireless or small business loan customer – or looking to streamline your existing application processes – organization’s are challenged to navigate IT queues, customer contact preferences, changing economic conditions and regulations. FICO’s rich originations portfolio helps improve operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, reduce delinquencies and application fraud, while helping keep processes in compliance.

  • Financial Services

    Auto Lending

    As the auto industry continues to recover from the financial crisis, lenders are gearing up for more profitable growth. Over the past few years, the focus has been on improving loss management. Now the need is for similar advances in profit management, starting at originations.

    Credit and Debit Cards

    Optimize pricing and product offers to grow card portfolios profitably by matching the right card offer to the right customer.

    Retail Banking

    Providing high levels of automation throughout the loan origination cycle to improve efficiency, productivity and reduce costs.


    Equipment manufacturers can generate new revenue streams via leasing, on the back of existing product sales, by leveraging FICO origination solutions that help minimize risk and fraud, deliver superior decision strategies for portfolio optimization, while simplifying the application process.


    Allowing portfolio managers to focus on the critical challenges of managing loan remediation decisions while balancing varied business objectives and maximizing portfolio management.

    Small Business Lending

    Gain a competitive edge with FICO small business origination solutions, consistently process more good small business loan applications than the competition.

  • Public Sector

    State, Provincial and Local Government

    Small businesses are the backbone of economic growth; governments can get more return on limited small business loans with FICO tools that enable government agencies to consistently process applications in a shorter period of time, while helping reduce the risk of fraud and delinquencies.

    Federal, Ministerial and Civic Government

    Tools that enable government agencies to consistently process applications in a shorter period of time.

  • Retail


    Offering several industry-leading technologies helping retailers effectively manage risk and extend credit to their customers.

  • High Tech

    High Tech

    Advanced software to help high tech manufacturers succeed under the pressure to make faster, smarter decisions to extend leasing to customers and suppliers.

  • Media & Entertainment

    Media & Entertainment

    Advanced software to help media and entertainment companies make faster, smarter decisions to extend credit to customers and suppliers.

  • Telecommunications


    Ensure that new small business or consumer accounts are accurately vetted for risk and fraud, while streamlining the application process to ensure high customer satisfaction.

  • Travel & Hospitality

    Travel & Hospitality

    Advanced software to help travel and hospitality companies make faster, smarter decisions to extend credit to customers and suppliers.

  • Utilities

    Take advantage of FICO origination technology’s data access capabilities, powerful decision engines, and highly-intuitive application processing to realize a new level of precision in originating plans.

  • Automotive


    As the auto industry grows, new opportunity for additional leasing and auto lending are opening up. FICO origination solutions can help auto manufacturers make the most profitable financing decisions

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