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Debt Management – Collection and Recovery

Transform collection and recovery performance and compliance with powerful analytic tools and solutions.

FICO® Debt Management Solutions offer more than traditional Collection and Recovery applications providing a debt management software platform, advanced analytics and optimization, mult-channel communications/payment, and more - all deployable either on premise or as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Now, organizations can collect more, faster, smarter - while driving compliance and bottom line performance.

  • Financial Services

    Auto Lending

    Skillfully manage early-stage delinquencies and boost recoveries with optimized placements.

    Credit and Debit Cards

    Become more efficient by integrating the right strategies optimized for your portfolio, so you can better serve your customer base and your business by focusing the right resources on the right collections activities.

    Retail Banking

    Improve your ability to manage millions of accounts by users operating at a single site or across multiple locations with a customer-centric approach for managing consumer debt.

    Small Business Lending

    Leverage economic impact models, optimization, and other advanced analytics, tailored to small business portfolio delinquency management.

  • Public Sector

    State, Provincial and Local Governments

    Leveraging analytical mining tools to allocate collection resources and target the optimal strategy for government agencies.

    Federal, Ministerial and Civic Government

    FICO has an integrated set of technologies to help government lenders keep a sharp eye on potential delinquencies, reduce the processing costs of collections and recovery, and get solid results from advanced strategy development.

  • Health Care

    Health Care Providers

    Revenue cycle managers need an end-to-end collections and recovery solution that transforms the way providers and payers connect and collect debt.

  • Retail


    Prioritize collections by knowing how to queue accounts by level of risk, and how to best contact and communicate with late payers.

  • High Tech

    High Tech

    FICO offers an integrated set of technologies, keeping a sharp eye on potential delinquencies, reducing the processing costs of collections and recovery, and increasing payments using advanced strategy development

  • Telecommunications


    Apply FICO analytics and advanced debt management processing platforms to keep account holders current on payments and improve loss mitigation, while simultaneously increasing efficiencies without increasing staff.

  • Utilities


    Prioritize collections by understanding how to queue accounts by level of risk, and how to best contact and communicate with late payers.

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