• Fraud and Customer Centricity Building Customer Relationships That Last !

“Customer experience is a new and important component of successful fraud management.”

- Big Data In Fraud Management: Variety Leads To Value And Improved Customer,
Forrester Research, Inc
October 16, 2013

Today, customers are looking for financial relationships that extend beyond transactions – expecting providers to look out for their best interests with proactive, effective protection from the damage of financial fraud. Customers also don’t want to be inconvenienced by having legitimate transactions declined, or by superfluous requests to validate questionable ones.

In short, customers expect you to understand them in the context of their entire financial relationship.

  • Value from Big Data Build Unique Defenses with Fraud Analytics

Can you deliberately inject Big Data with more valuable insights for fraud? New next generation analytics make it possible to examine data of high volume, variety and velocity. Done right, Big Data yields the “fourth V” – value.

With 2.5 billion active payment card accounts, FICO protects nearly 2/3 of all credit card transactions on earth, and over 90% of all North American credit card transactions.

  • Protection With a Holistic View Enterprise-wide Fraud Management

In today’s global transaction environment, new schemes to perpetrate fraud are being targeted and launched on a daily basis, and can gain momentum with alarming speed. Given the high stakes, it’s essential that fraud management solutions offer both the agility to respond quickly, and comprehensive functionality to fight fraud across the entire financial enterprise.

The FICO Falcon Platform provides end-to-end fraud, security and compliance management. It incorporates FICO’s deep expertise in predictive analytics and two decades’ experience in fraud management.

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