Smarter Decisions

Big Data is by its nature big, raw and complex. But with the appropriate strategies and the right set of tools, we can find the gold in the data.

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Kenneth Cukier Video: Teasing Out Insights from Big Data

In this video excerpt from his FICO World 2013 keynote, The Economist data editor and author Kenneth Cukier explains how Big Data is changing the way we make decisions.

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Getting Maximum Value Out of Analytics

As businesses add better analytics, they increase the number of decision points to make more targeted decisions.

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Derive more value from your data.
Analyze, interpret and act to unlock its real value.

Big Data and Customer Centricity

Can you deliberately inject Big Data with more valuable insights? New next generation analytics make it possible to examine data of high volume, variety and velocity. Done right, Big Data yields the “fourth V” – value.

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Approximately 80% of data is unstructured.

It is now possible to extricate its predictive elements and increase the value of Big Data insights.

Better decisions through unstructured data mining represents the biggest problem and opportunity in Big Data. New text mining tools and techniques improve existing business intelligence approaches and have a significant bottom-line impact.

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