Small Business Lending

Faster, better small business lending decisions

Small business lending is challenging. With the extensive range-and many requests-of small businesses looking for credit, lenders need automated processes that reliably and consistently minimize the data, time, and expense of assessing applicants' credit risk.


FICO’s complete small business lending solutions portfolio includes automated application processing, customer decisioning, data aggregation and industry leading small business scoring.

Using FICO’s Origination Manager and/or Small Business Scoring Service, lenders will:

• reduce risk and delinquencies

• improve application-processing efficiency

• reduce cost

• increase customer satisfaction


Want to take your business to new heights?

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China Minsheng Bank improves micro and small enterprise lending

China Minsheng Banking Corp, Ltd. is one of the largest international financial services institutions in China.  As a testing ground for reform of China's banking sector, China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd (CMBC) has committed itself to reform and entrepreneurship, continually expanded its business. With its increasing size, scope and efficiency, it has achieved healthy growth and maintained momentum, as well as a positive contribution to the promotion of innovation and reform in China's banking sector.

"Services for micro and small enterprises are regarded as our strategic focus.  As the number of clients increases, the challenge of how to manage their credit risk efficiently and how to identify and control risk within the portfolio becomes the top priority."  To address thee challenges, CMBC engaged FICO for its retail internal rating project, choosing the company because of its history as pioneers in using predictive analytics to assess and manage credit risk - ushering in a revolution of lending and improving the accuracy and transparency of lending decisions in American banking - as well as FICO's broad experience in the region, including 12 of the top 15 banks China. Learn how.