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FICO World 2019

Better decisions with AI

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FICO adds AI-Powered Authentication to the Platform

FICO Adds AI-Powered Authentication to the Platform

Announcing the next generation of identity proofing and authentication technology to help you manage risk and optimize customer interactions

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Falcon-X Banner

Introducing FICO® Falcon® X

Radically flexible, self-learning financial crime prevention

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Analytic Heroes Come Forward!

Analytic Heroes Come Forward!

FICO Decisions Awards 2019 Now Open For Entries

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Chartis names FICO as Category Leader for Cyber Risk Quantification Solutions

Chartis names FICO as Category Leader for Cyber Risk Quantification Solutions

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Analytics Predictions 2019: Innovations for Ethical AI

Analytics Predictions 2019:
Innovations for Ethical AI

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FICO Score

Monitor your FICO® Scores and Credit Reports

FICO® Scores are the credit scores used by 90% of top lenders to determine your credit risk. Visit myFICOTM, a division of FICO, to check your score today.

“FICO’s optimization software is clearly next-generation and their expertise and proactive engagement have gone a long way in making this project successful.”

- Rishi Amrit, Process Control Engineer, Shell

“FICO optimization technology gives us the power and flexibility we need to determine optimal strategies that provide benefits to the customer and the grid.”

- Seyed Madaeni, Principal of Grid Engineering Solutions, SolarCity

“Because of FICO Xpress Optimization, the utilization of our fleet has gone up by two percentage points. This is a big, big deal for a car rental company.”

- Jens Utech, Director of Backoffice and Station Systems, Avis Europe

“Working with delinquent customers to keep them in their cars while working out payment options has helped Toyota avoid millions of dollars in losses.”

- Jim Bander, National Manager for Decision Science, Toyota Financial Services

“Using advanced analytics to manage the supply chain and reduce costs has become imperative. FICO has been critical to the optimization needs at Nestlé USA.”

- Shan Collins, Vice President of Planning & Center of Excellence, Nestlé USA

“The key to modernizing analytics is to make decision-making models part of day-to-day business practices. FICO Decision Management Suite fits that role perfectly.”

- Ken Elliott, Global Director of Analytics, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

" ...we’ve had such a positive experience with FICO and their Xpress product that we’ve even asked third-party vendors to switch to Xpress to earn our business.”

- Rusty Burlingame, Principal Operations Research Advisor, Southwest Airlines

“FICO’s technology has given us immense flexibility and control throughout our expansive global footprint and has been a key component in our ability to sustainably grow at a high pace.”

- Vladimir Michl, Group Risk Technology Manager, Home Credit Group

“The partnership we have developed with FICO over the years has helped us become more agile in our analytic capabilities and has significantly increased our profitability.”

- Zadik Lopez, Regional Analytics Manager, Banco Ficohsa

FICO® Xpress Optimization

American Airlines

Ever wonder how American Airlines runs the largest airline in the world on the leading optimization platform?

FICO® Xpress Optimization

Toyota Financial Services

Learn how Toyota Financial Services uses data science to keep customers from losing their cars.

FICO® Credit Capacity Index™


Samsung Card Case Study: Grow business. Keep risk at bay.

FICO® Xpress Optimization


SolarCity uses FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite to optimize distributed energy applications.

FICO® Optimization Modeler

Southwest Airlines

Ever Wonder How Southwest Airlines ranked #1 in customer satisfaction while staying consistently profitable?

FICO® Blaze Advisor® Decision Rules Management System

Nationwide Building Society

World’s largest building society grows loan portfolio and profitability.