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Program Overview

Regardless of industry, future business leaders must be proficient at incorporating analytics into their business strategies. This does not mean that business students should all become data science practitioners, but they must possess the expertise needed to interpret, appreciate, and communicate analytically-derived findings.

The FICO® Academic Engagement Program (AEP) was designed to help undergraduate and graduate students develop practical knowledge by analyzing real-world business challenges with state-of-the-art analytical software. Supported by the FICO Analytic Cloud, participating students receive the guidance to help define business challenges while maintaining the freedom to explore their own solution paths.

FICO Academic Engagement World Class Experience

Real-World Problem Solvers

Balance competing objectives

Balance competing objectives

Analyze multi-dimensional business problems such as the relationship between risk and revenue in a credit granting strategy or costs versus profit across marketing channels.

Balance competing objectives

Support findings & deliver recommendations

Follow a lesson plan that helps develop business presentations that highlight an analytical methodology, key findings, and strategic recommendations.

Balance competing objectives


Work individually or as part of a cross functional team. All students can share knowledge, ask questions, and interact with FICO professionals in a secure, university-specific online community.

Practical Experience

The FICO Academic Engagement Program provides much more than complimentary software. Students receive comprehensive data sets based on actual business scenarios, detailed workbooks, tutorial videos, and access to FICO professionals.

All program materials are designed to help students craft strategy proposals and articulate their recommendations in a business setting. These analytics delivery presentations are the cornerstone of each project and help students develop the communication skills that complement analytical acumen.

FICO Academic Engagement Practical Experience


The FICO Academic Engagement Program is complimentary to a select number of universities worldwide each semester. To learn more about the program and determine if it may be a fit for your curriculum please submit the information in the form below.

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