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13 in 13: Top 13 FICO Labs Blog Posts of 2013

Launched in late September of 2012, the FICO Labs blog is a little over a year old. In our first full year of covering innovation, technology and the role of analytic sciences in today’s business, we have had some excellent posts from some very smart contributors. As 2013 comes to a close, we thought it would be good to revisit our top 13 most popular posts for the year.

  1. Top 10 Ways You Know You’re a Data Scientist – We thought the data scientist (the sexiest job of the 21st century) deserved a slogan that could fit on a bumper sticker. So we ran a slogan competition among FICO data scientists and other employees, and posted the results.
  2. The Big, the Raw and the Complex: Challenges in Big Data Analytics – Andy Flint explored why the state of Big Data Analytics can feel like a different kind of spaghetti western, this one titled The Big, the Raw and the Complex.
  3. A Moment of Science: LLVM May Mean the Best of Both Worlds is Possible for Analytic Computing – Josh Hemann examined LLVM and its use in analytic computing, giving a code example along the way.
  4. Location-Based Marketing Using GPS Data – Shafi Rahman gave examples of how GPS data can be used to improve the quality of customer interactions and types of marketing offers, and increase the likelihood that offers will be redeemed.
  5. Why Analysts Can't Predict the Super Bowl – If predictive analytics can be used to accurately predict the outcome of the presidential election, we answered the question, why can’t it work in predicting the outcome of a sporting event?
  6. Has Business Intelligence Hit the Big Data Wall? – Benjamin Baer addressed why traditional BI methodologies still lack the tools, infrastructure and applications support necessary to sift through massive data warehouses, identify meaningful insights and ignore the noise, and integrate analytics into the actual business processes at the lowest levels of an organization.
  7. Big Data Hits the Road: Telematics in Automotive – We highlighted the ways that telematics are increasingly used in automotive.
  8. Big Data Analytics: Missed Opportunities for Retail CRM – Feather Hickox examined why so many retailers still struggle to engage their customers in a relevant, timely way, with all the investment in CRM and the push for customer-centricity.
  9. A Moment of Science: Just Plot It – Josh Hemann looked at why getting insight from visualizations can be hard, and how following some ground rules goes a long way.
  10. FICO World Preview: Combining Machine Learning and Human Expertise – Gerald Fahner gave us a preview of his talk at FICO World, where he discussed how FICO has embraced a pragmatic engineering approach for balancing data analysis with domain expertise.
  11. Choosing the Right Analytics: Uplift Models – We answered the question: if a propensity model predicts a customer is likely to buy a given product, why should the business go to the expense of sending a promotional offer?
  12. Choosing the Right Analytics: Text Analytics and Semantic Scorecards – Andy Flint examined today’s situation, where unstructured data is in ample supply, but too much of it feels beyond the reach of traditional analytic algorithms.
  13. Big Data Analytics First Success Story: 20 Years of Fighting Payment Fraud – Fraud expert TJ Horan discussed the secret sauce that has allowed the scale of e-commerce to grow so significantly without a corresponding growth in the rate of payment fraud.

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