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300 Posts - time for some admin

Well this is the 300th post on this blog - something of a milestone I guess. I thought now might be a good time to remind readers of some useful features of this Typepad blog (and some other ones we have added). First, on the left hand side:

  • The Subscribe section on the left has buttons to let you subscribe to the feed from this site either as RSS (using Feedburner) or using Email (using FeedBlitz). If you enjoy reading please use this to make sure you don't miss anything
  • My other blogs are listed below that on the left - check them out for additional content
  • The categories and archives give you other ways to check out posts. I try and tag entries with the right tags so the categories should be useful

How about the right hand side:

  • A list of recent posts
  • Last few entries from the ebizQ blog to make it easy to jump across to that one
  • Recent comments posted by y'all
  • Technorati button to show who links here (I'm currently ranked 100,567 for those that track this kind of thing)
  • Google search, set up to search the blog by default
  • A blogroll (those blogs I read that seem relevant to the topic at hand)
  • Some books that I recommend or that others have recommended to me

So, check out the whole blog and send me feedback - jamestaylor AT


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