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About Us

This blog is the work of a number of people. The authors are listed below but many others (Jamie, Cath, Darcy in particular) keep the whole thing on the rails. The authors are:

  • James Owen
    James was an Army brat born in Fort Benning, Geogria.  Having moved around the world for many years he settled on (The Republic of) Texas as his home.  He has been a frequent contributor to InfoWorld on various articles pertaining to rulebased systems, rulebase performance, benchmarks etc. and has been writing a book with Dr. Charles Forgy (for the past 10 years) on “Rulebased Systems for the Rest of Us.”  He was formerly employed by KnowledgeBased Systems Corporation, Neuron Data and Fair Isaac prior to joining FICO (again) in Product Management.  As the FICO representative to OMG/PRR he helps set the standards for architecting, designing and using rules across multiple industries.  In addition to his normal activities, he likes computer chess (which he rarely wins), going  to the weekly shooting range outing, ZR1 Corvettes and ElectraGlide Harleys.  He is a student (but not fluent in) English, French, Hebrew and Greek.  He has two wonderful musician sons who can really bang out blues or jazz.    He has a BSEE from Louisiana Tech and an MBA from LSUS. 
  • James Taylor
    James is an independent thought leader and author of the only book on EDM - Smart (Enough) Systems.You can find out more about him at and about the book at James lives out on the left coast.
  • Ian Turvill
    Ian writes posts regularly, often on Insurance and Retail topics with a smattering of posts on Marketing. Once in a while he just posts something nice about James. Ian is a voice artist of some talent (check him out on The Decisions Podcasts and lives in Chicago.
  • Barb von Halle
    A well known author on business rules, Barb posts once in a while on that topic. Barb's posts often provoke a lot of comments and are written as questions more than information. You can buy Barb's book's here (The Business Rules Revolution) and here (Business Rules Applied). She lives in New Joisey.
  • Gib Bassett
    Gib has just begun to write posts and will likely concentrate on general rules and analytics topics. Gib is a self-confessed Starbucks addict and lives in Chicago.

Once upon a time Rahul Asthana also posted but he has lapsed and it has been a long time since we have seen him. We live in hope that he may return one day.

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